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Terry Henderson, Eron Harris (middle) and Juwan Staten figured to comprise one of the Big 12’s best backcourts, but now two members have transferred.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia point guard Juwan Staten said he was stunned by last week’s departure of teammate Terry Henderson, the second double-digit scorer to transfer out of the program this spring.

But Staten, an All-American candidate entering next season, squashed rumors that he might leave too. Upon receiving his undergraduate degree Saturday, Staten became eligible to transfer and play immediately at another school.

“People are going to talk, but I’m not looking to go anywhere,” Staten told MetroNews on Monday night. “Huggs is my man and I’m sticking with him. I’m not transferring.”

Coach Bob Huggins intimated to reporters that his staff foresaw the possibility of losing guard Eron Harris, a 17.2 points-per-game scorer who asked to be released in late March. But WVU coaches were blind-sided by the decision of Henderson, another sophomore who averaged 11.7 points.

“It shocked me too,” said Staten, who transferred from Dayton to WVU in 2011. “I never saw Terry be angry about anything that was going on here. We’d really love to have Terry on the team.”

Harris and Henderson’s 3-point shooting, complemented by Staten’s explosive penetration, would have comprised the league’s top backcourt next season. Now Staten figures to be joined by junior-college signee Tarik Philip and incoming freshmen Jevon Carter and Daxter Miles.

“Losing those two guys on the perimeter could affect the way that we play,” Staten said. “But you’ve got to move forward and prepare for whatever happens. You can’t live in the rearview mirror.”

During a junior season that required endless stamina, Staten wound up as the Big 12’s leader in scoring (18.1 points) and minutes (37.3), He ranked second in assists (5.85) and assist-to-turnover ratio.

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  • VaultHunter

    I really feel bad for Keatons Corner.
    His Google search is about to crash posting on message boards reasons why this is no big deal...lmao...sad

  • VaultHunter

    Our motto instead of " wait till next year" should be " transfer em up"

  • VaultHunter


    Hey its not like we pay this bum 3 million a year or anything.

    And what ever you do don't question him because he gets the Nehlen pass because of a Final Four that we got blown out in 4 years ago.

    Huggs is the man! The program is in great shape. Not a care in the world.

  • don

    Shadow, thanks for reminding all these big 12 fans that it was a big east team that once again won the national championship. Sure, wv makes a lot more money in the big 12 but please quit pushing the idea that they are far superior in basketball because clearly they are not; and clearly we are not a force in the big 12 either. I see another mediocre year coming with another "wait till next year" explanation. Something is terribly wrong in Morgantown.

  • Harvey Lantz

    Hey folks,,remember the fuss when Jabirie Hines left the team???The hugg haters couldn't wait to jump on that...guess who just got kicked off of University of Mass ???
    Have a little faith in that coaching staff in Morgantown....they are well on their way to building a winner down there.
    As far as the complaints about how rough huggs is on his players,,about his screaming,about his get in your face style,, I only have this to say,,these players are the same age of our young folks who sign up out of high school to join our armed forces,,You think Huggs is tough??? Ever been to boot camp??
    Do you think maybe that there is a chance that those D.I.s get in the recruits faces??maybe do a little screaming?These kids don't change teams,,They go a hell of a lot further to play their games,,places I'm sure you have heard about..lets support the eers,,quit complaining,,get on with it..

  • c1

    Maybe it's the travel thing…I'd give almost anything to be in the ACC…But the way I understood it, the ACC said our academics didn't match up (which is true), and we can't change that because we are here for our own people, and WVU is great for West Virginia kids... Then the SEC didn't want us because of our style of football (we beat them all the time)... Yes, we are darned lucky to be in the Big 12, but that flight to and from Texas sucks (I took it last week).


    Juwan Staten is a class act. He has commitment to his own success and to the program he committed to. I give home a pass on his transfer from Dayton. He did it early in his career and is running the course at WV, improving with each season. The proof is in his willingness to stick around while the 12 of 23, or whatever the number is, moved on.

  • Mister Man

    Watkins is going to surprise a lot of people. Hang in there young man. You're going to do quite well.

  • william

    Great for these players!
    Get as far away from 'SWEATSUIT' Huggins as you can. He will throw you under the over and over again. He treat his players very bad and is a EMBARRASSMENT to the State of WV
    Run far away and don't look back!

    • DWM

      William and Big Larry, what would we do without their comic relief?

    • Gary Ray

      Sweatsuit william is back, spouting his hate, and herd wisdom!

    • Mister Man

      I remember when I was thrown under the over.

      • Joe

        Believe is not quite as bad as being thrown over the under!

        • John of Wayne

          Agreed. But keep in mind, these guys get thrown under the over, and over again.

          • Aaron

            I'm curious about something. I read time and again by internet experts who claim that Huggins throws players under the bus. I believe that is the point you are referring to hear. I have a question and I will use the Oklahoma game and the performance by Eron Harris to illustrate it.

            West Virginia was up 43 to 41 in the second half. Harris was frustrated on offense because Oklahoma was playing him tight. He basically gave up on defense, Oklahoma went on a 13-0 run in which Harris' man scored 11 points including 3 uncontested 3 pointers and the game was all but lost. West Virginia went from being in a game they had to win to getting beat by double figures late.

            After the second 3 pointer, Huggs sent a sub to the scores table but before the clock stop, the run had hit 13. In the post game interview, when ask the difference in the game, Huggins pointed to that run and said "We had a guy that gave up three uncontested 3-pointers to a very good three-point shooter." When quizzed further, he stated, rightfully so that you cannot give a good shooter that much room.

            After the game one of the Hugg-haters accused Huggins of throwing Harris under the bus.

            As you bring this point up, I'm curious, is that an example of what you are referring to? And if so, how is that throwing a player under the bus?

      • Aquarius

        It's not a laughing matter.... I lost a cousin who was thrown under the over!

        • NSA watchlist

          Why do we have such an issue with huggs golf jackets and what not?

          • NSA watchlist

            Also how does he treat his players bad and embarrass the state?

    • Mister Man

      Great post!! LOL!!!! I see you stayed away from English class.

  • vm

    ive been reading most of these post for a few weeks about the basketball program and huggins with most comments being detrimental and derogatory im but huggs is a great coach you dont to 700 wins if your not the problem is these young men today are lazy and want to play right away sorry life doesnt work that way you earn what u get with huggs or u sit and as fans we should applaud him

  • Mister Man

    Go Mountaineers. So long to those who are not.

  • Dubv

    Sad the way sports are these days. Players used to care about the schools they play for. Every recruit knows that Huggs is an old school no BS coach. Huggs is known as one of the best of the best for a reason and we're lucky to have him. Were going through a tough time trying to keep recruits but we will rebound. With Macon and Holton coming in Williams can get some help down low, and as for replacing Harris and Henderson plug in Dibo or Adrian gives us more size on the court and gives us the three point threat as long as they can improve on defense. Future is still bright hopefully Huggs can lure 5 star prospect Carlton Bragg away from Cuse.

  • JJ

    Losing Henderson won't hurt.
    Losing Harris will.

    • Aaron

      Based on how Harris did his scoring, 24 points at home but only 11 on the road coupled with his soft defense and lack of toughness, I think it's the other way around. I think Henderson is the one that will be missed and Harris the more easily replaced player.

      Granted Harris is the better shooter, but that's all he does is shoot. And if he's not willing to toughen up and to stand up and play as Huggs demands after two years, I don't see how he was anything but a liability next year.

      I think as tougher players came in and competed, Harris would have seen the floor less and less and in truth, that had as much to do with him leaving as Huggins.

      I'm not sure why Henderson left. He was Harris' roommate so I'm sure there was discussion between the two. The one thing that I found on about his announcement is that it came after grades were posted for all students.

      That's my two cents, which hopefully feels the need that Hatter has for my input and wisdom.

      • WTF?

        This post makes no sense at all...Henderson is one leaving...your 2nd and 3rd paragraphs state Harris is the liability and is leaving...Higgs is the reason he is leaving? Too many shots of milk before you wrote this one.

        • Aaron

          I read this at 6:30 this morning and I'm not sure how to respond. My post, which was in response to JJ's comment regarding losing Harris loss being more detrimental to the team seems pretty self explanitory given the context but for some reason, you did not comprehend that.

          I've thought and thought and thought about how to respond in a positive manner, one that does not call out your lack of reading comprehension but I just do not know how to do that. Perhaps you can help me out.

        • yep

          Of course both Harris and Henderson are departing the program.

          • Aaron

            Of the two, which hurts the program the most?

    • B B Jones

      Henderson understood the need to play defense, had a handle and didn't think it was all about him.
      Better upside than Harris.

  • Rick55

    Juwan Staten is a classy guy but others are of course right in pointing out that he himself was a transfer.

    As for TH and Harris, I haven't found many schools that will be hurt to the degree that losing these two guys will hurt us. But it's true that the number of transfers nationwide has exploded; everybody's doin it doin it doin it...


    I like what Huggins is doing; now that I got that out of the way, I want to say I don't like these kids(higher talented kids that only thinking of them selves) today that don't have any loyalty to one another, I don't see much of a team player these days... it's me me me....

    I understand if a kid doesn't buy in to the program as a team player, then it is plane and simple to me he has to go.... I am proud that Huggs tells them when they say they want to go and he tells them don't let the door hit you on the way out.... (it is time to grow up!!! , its not about you, its about something bigger-TEAM)

    Let's Goooooooo!!!Mountaineeeers!!!

    Keep looking Hugs !!! Talented Kids that want to play as a team are out there !!!

    • Todd

      You are contradicting yourself, aren't you? "I like what Huggins is doing; now that I got that out of the way, I want to say I don't like these kids(higher talented kids that only thinking of them selves) today that don't have any loyalty to one another, I don't see much of a team player these days... it's me me me.... " YOU do realize these players were recruited by Huggin's and his staff. It seems to me that Huggin's and his staff don't have a good feel for the type of character in a player that he needs play in his system, or is it that he is just desperate to recruit anybody?

      • Aaron

        How can any coach with certainty how a kid will react to adversity upon enrolling in college?

    • DWM