WAYNE, W.Va. — It took three attempts, but voters in Wayne County have approved an $18 million school construction bond — a key component in a larger $42 million package.

That package includes construction of a new Ceredo-Kenova Elementary School and a new Crum Elementary School and will also pay for additions and renovations at Wayne High School.

The unofficial vote totals in Wayne County in Tuesday’s primary election were 4,192 votes for the bond and 3,265 against the bond — a 56 percent to 44 percent split.

In addition to the $18 million bond, the state School Building Authority has allocated another $18 million for the school projects while much of the final $6 million will come from an improvement fund Wayne County and the Wayne County Board of Education started last year.

The most recent bond rejection came in 2012 when voters soundly defeated a proposed $30 million bond.

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  • junius

    A tad easier to approve money for schools now that the calendar has expanded and the student (and teacher)attendance is taken seriously. Butts in seats instead of empty schools and excuses. People in charge of education that can't (or won't)figure out a calendar that assures a minimum number of days is mind boggling.

  • ViennaGuy

    I thought it took 60% of the vote to pass a bond levy?

    • flossrancher

      You were misinformed.

      • ViennaGuy

        - You were misinformed. -

        Are you sure that I was misinformed? According to West Virginia Code §13-1-4:

        "No debt shall be contracted or bonds issued under this article until all questions connected with the same are first submitted to a vote of the qualified electors of the political division for which the bonds are to be issued, and receive three fifths of all the votes cast for and against the same."

        So bond levies must have a 60% majority to pass.

        Excess levies can be passed with a simple majority, but excess levies cannot be used for building construction; such levies are limited to support and maintenance according to West Virginia Code §18-9-1.

        So what's going on here? Metronews?