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The West Virginia women’s basketball team topped the Big 12’s latest APR with a near-perfect four-year score of 991.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. —  The West Virginia men’s and women’s basketball teams ranked at or near the top of the Big 12 in the latest NCAA Academic Progress Rates, while football stood eighth in the conference.

All 17 of West Virginia’s varsity teams received satisfactory scores on the newly issued APR report, based upon the classroom performance of athletes from the 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13 academic years.

The NCAA’s new four-year cutline of 930 equates to about a 50-percent graduation rate. Teams scoring below that mark face penalties such as practice limitations and postseason bans.

The WVU women’s basketball team topped the Big 12 with a 991 four-year score, while men’s hoops tied for third at 974. The recent spate of transfers leaving Bob Huggins’ roster hasn’t hurt the score because players typically completed the semester before leaving in good academic standing.

With an APR of 942, the West Virginia football program ranked 90th of 123 FBS teams and ahead of only Texas Tech and Oklahoma State in the conference. Because OSU’s score dipped to 929, the Cowboys were forced to reduce next season’s practice time from six days a week to five. USA Today reported that Mike Gundy planned to eliminate the Sunday evening practice in response to the sanctions.

Asked how a deep-funded, power-conference program such as Oklahoma State Mark Emmert said, “There really isn’t a good excuse.”

Gundy’s team can still qualify for a bowl next season, however, because the NCAA allows teams with a two-year average of 940 to skirt the postseason ban. Oklahoma State’s two-year score came uncomfortably close to that benchmark at  943.54.

Two other FBS teams, UNLV and Idaho, will be barred from bowls next season.

The Mountaineers baseball program was in peril after last year’s four-year score of 922, yet avoided sanctions by raising its average to 937. That still ranks last in the conference and 282nd out of 297 Division I baseball teams, but above the 930 benchmark. Randy Mazey’s team produced a single-year score of 987 to make amends for the 882 from 2011-12 under former coach Greg Van Zant.

Mississippi Valley State was the lone Division I baseball program ruled ineligible for postseason play next season.

BIG 12 FOOTBALL (four-year APR)
1. Kansas State: 968
2. Oklahoma: 965
3. Kansas: 959
4. Baylor: 957
5. Iowa State: 948
6. Texas: 947
7. TCU: 945
8. West Virginia: 942
9. Texas Tech: 932
10. Oklahoma State: 929
1. Kansas: 1000
1. Texas: 1000
3. Kansas State: 974
3. West Virginia: 974
5. Oklahoma: 960
6. Baylor: 954
7. Iowa State: 948
8. Oklahoma State: 948
9. TCU: 946
10. Texas Tech: 936
1. West Virginia: 991
2. Oklahoma: 990
3. Texas: 986
4. Kansas State: 985
5. Texas Tech: 983
6. Baylor: 979
7. Iowa State: 979
8. Kansas: 969
9. TCU: 961
10. Oklahoma State: 952
BIG 12 BASEBALL (four-year APR)
1. Texas: 995
2. Baylor: 987
3. Oklahoma: 970
4. TCU: 968
5. Kansas State: 954
6. Kansas: 952
7. Oklahoma State: 946
8. Texas Tech: 939
9. West Virginia: 937
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  • Hersh

    Also, I forgot to mention, but our athletics programs went from having 3 programs with perfect scores to 7 with perfect scores to 9 with perfect scores in three years. That's what happens when you have an AD and an administration that understands academics at the highest level and recalibrates the support systems for student-athletes accordingly.

  • Hersh

    "Randy Mazey’s team produced a single-year score of 987 to make amends for the 882 from 2011-12 under former coach Greg Van Zant."

    But he didn't renew Van Zant's contract! The HORROR!

    Expect similar results on and off the mat with the wrestling hire that will be announced soon. It will be a grand slam. Book it.

  • Hailey

    Billy, your sentence structure is beyond annoying. I wish you the best lil billy, I still believe when you grow up you will be somebody

  • Hailey

    Billy routinely struggles with basic English , cut the kid a break...middle school is not what it used to be, but man that kid can snapchat and Instagram with the best of them. Time to grow up billy!

  • Aaron

    Women's soccer, baseball, gymnastics and golf to name a few. Basketball, for the perceived failure, finished 6th in the regular season. It's not all from and gloom.

    I'm curious though, would you rather do poorly in the classroom and dominate the field of play?

  • dr phil

    hey Billy, I can help you out by removing all the 4-skin from around your neck, you will feel a whole lot better about WVU and your life once its removed

  • Robin

    Great we qualify for post season. Now if we can just make it there. Of course with the exception of women basketball and rifle team who represent us well.

  • cHarper

    What is a Kool-Aid drinker? Haha. Is this some form of negative stereotype aimed at our African American athletes? Perhaps it's more than an attempt to overshadow this positive news with negative racism? I'm a proud Mountaineer alumna, and my alma mater does not judge based on color or any other. those with the talents and abilities to excel and the drive to achieve are rewarded. Any pessimistic or impugning claims will be met with nothing more than a laugh and brush off the shoulder.

  • Mister Man


  • Mister Man


  • Aaron

    Yet here you are.

  • Aaron

    As a core group of posters who in my year or so on this site have never said anything positive about West Virginia University, Oliver luck, Bob Huggins, or Dana Holgorsen. Some refer to them as Marshall fans, others say they are kids trapped in their mothers basement and others say they are agents WVRC.

    I don't know which category they fall in or even if they file in any of the above categories. I know two things.

    1) None of them are original. If they come from any of the above categories I would think that in a years time they could come up with some criticism that had some semblance of originality to it. But with these gas if you've read one comment, if you have read them all.

    2) None of them are West Virginia University fans.

  • Rick55

    Hey Billy It's called being a fan.

    That doesn't mean it's all rah rah; some rah rah is ok (+1 dave), and knowledgable analysis, even if its critical, is interesting. But if all you have to contribute is the old Kool-Aid routine and name-calling, it gets old.

  • Billy

    Looks like another advanced case. From another tutor.

  • Uncle Unctuous

    So this is a comment about how the commenter does not comment on another's comment, in which the commenter comments on the other commenter and his comment.

  • Uncle Unctuous

    Billy also misspelled rationale and deprogramming.

  • Billy

    You must be a part time tutor. Congratulations. Sorry reads like you have da fever too.

  • Billy

    You are the one that needs help. Alcoholics drink too much and you post to much. I out of courtesy do not comment on your post. You told me before if I did not like what you posted not to read them.

  • Billy

    The way I read it all of the felons and those on probation passed. The paid trolls come out in bunches.

  • Aaron

    You guys and your fixation with Mr. Luck would be laughable were you not serious.

  • Aaron

    Do they? Is that the goal of the NCAA, particularly in the money sports?

  • Aaron

    Honestly, if you have to come out negative on a story like this, it's time to reevaluate your life.

  • The Wisetalker


    Unfortunately the Kool-Aid drinkers outnumber those who are "realists" in this forum.

  • Master of One

    "Congratulations to all 17 varsity coaches, players and faculty members who make sure our student athletes are students first".


    Don't these kids go to college to be students and get an education?

  • Mitch

    @ Billy,
    Hey Billy, don't try to use big words like psychosis until you at least learn how to spell them.

  • Billy

    That was part of the evaluation of the progression of you affliction. Sorry but At this point, I would guess you guys are too far gone.

  • NSA watchlist

    BTW is psychosis.

  • NSA watchlist

    What is the problem with this story, or the comments about it. It seems that this is very positive news and yet you want to find a way to make it seem trivial.

  • Billy

    You guys have what I call the kool-aid fever. Symptoms are as followed: Complete trust in luck and the WVU athletic department. Willing to try and justify their every move. these compulsions and their rational border on a form of sycosis. Researchers are experimenting with deprograming and electric shock as well as medication. As of now there seems to be no cure for some.

  • GoEers


  • packyeers

    Where are all of the comments now? Everyone wants to know why Kids would leave the Men's BBall team. Well could it be Bob expects them to actually go to classes and earn an education? Also when they find out that other Schools cheat and Pay for Play. I am so proud that WVU will not cheat, thus the tree star players. What will people think next year when this hard working team excels? Way to go Student Athletes.

  • Dave

    Great news. Someone must be doing something right. Thanks especially to the student athletes. Thanks A.D. Oliver Luck, Head Coaches Holgorsen, Huggins, Carrie, Mazey and all the other Coaches that have their student athletes competing at a high level.

    Just another reason I'm proud to be a Mountaineer fan.

  • Aaron

    So Mazey improved yet another facet of the West Virginia baseball program. Kudos to you coach Mazey and kudos to coach Bob Huggins and to coach Mike Cary for outstanding scores with your basketball programs.

    Huggins came to West Virginia with a reputation as one who did not graduate players and one who's players performed below peer scores. While the on court win/loss record is below where real mountaineers want to see it, the fact that Coach Huggins has a 100% graduation rate in his players are scoring well academically speaks volumes for the work he has done at West Virginia University.

    Congratulations to all 17 varsity coaches, players and faculty members who make sure our student athletes are students first.