WASHINGTON, D.C. — Hinton native Sylvia Mathews Burwell was praised and quizzed by members of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee during her confirmation hearing Wednesday. President Barack Obama has nominated Burwell to be the next Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.

U.S. Senate

Hinton native Sylvia Mathews Burwell responded to questions from U.S. Senate Finance Committee members Wednesday.

Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) had an extended discussion with Burwell about the cost of Medicare. Burwell did not come out in support of a proposal to charge wealthier Americans through means testing instead she said proposed reforms to Medicare need to be considered as a package.

“When one gets to the specifics of what you are going to do to resolve that issue, I think it actually takes a combination of things to do that,” Burwell told Portman. “I think it takes things, as you’re discussing, that are on the beneficiary side. I think it takes things that are on the provider side.”

Portman has cited before the President’s budget that says the wealthier could pay more for doctors’ visits and prescription drugs under Medicare. Burwell said all things are on the table when it comes to Medicare reform and revenue must be part of the conversation. But she was not specific on what might be done.

“When one is looking or talking about a package I think one needs to see what is in the package. What is it we are paying for and what are the offsets you use,” Burwell said.

The Senate Finance Committee will take a vote on Burwell’s nomination and then send it to the full Senate for consideration. A confirmation vote is expected before Memorial Day.

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  • Brian

    "What is it we are paying for. . ." Sounds reminiscent of Pelosi's "You've got to pass Obamacare before you find out what's in it."

  • Dusty Evans

    This democrat pig had the nerve to close down the Washington DC war memorials last year during the temporary government shut down. At this same time she opened up part of the memorial for a rally by illegal immigrants. She needs a prison cell not a government job. Call Congress and tell them to vote "NO" and turn this ugly swine down.

  • PMQ

    Nice try again Jeff...it is Sylvia Mathews Burwell....ONE T. You always misspell her name. Google it.

  • Mike

    She will be nothing more than another puppet on a string for BHO. How many lies will she tell the American people. Sad thing is that the sheep will believe anything that comes from the WH. The sheep cant see the end of their nose.

  • Aaron

    While there are no official estimates of how much the federal government loses to fraud and waste each year, utilizing various government figures, the FBI estimates the loss to be around $50 billion annually.

    Part of Pres. Obama's plan to pay for the affordable care act was to eliminate fraud and waste from government programs. Someone should've asked Miss Burwell what the status was of those programs. Are there any other mechanisms in place besides reduction of provider care to eat eliminate the lost money?