UPDATE:  Victim identified as Alexander Neophytou, 21, of South Charleston.

MARMET, W.Va. — A man was killed Wednesday morning in a head-on collision in Kanawha County. The wreck occurred on state Route 61 at around 9:30 a.m. between Kanawha City and Marmet.

Firefighters said the victim was driving a passenger car that crossed the center line and slammed into an oncoming Jeep. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene, but has not been identified.

Police said a passenger in the car was injured along with the driver of the Jeep, who was briefly trapped in the wreckage. Both of the injured men were taken to CAMC.

Route 61 was re-opened at just after noon. 





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  • DriversEd

    I drive on that road several times a week and I get an eerie feeling every time I'm on it. It's not even a dangerous stretch of road, but for some reason people make it that way.

    • Common Sense

      I've had friends die on that straight stretch & 1 frond that almost died. She was severely injured & had to stay in the hospital for a long time & her recovery took years. She's still messed up. People need to PAY ATTENTION! Its stupid mistakes that cause this. It's a straight road but people drive like their on the interstate...DO THE SPEED LIMIT & STAY IN YOUR LANE! If you see someone passing a car, SLOW DOWN! This could've & should've been prevented!