LOGAN, W.Va. — There is no longer a tie for the second Democratic nomination in the 24th Delegate District which includes much of Logan County along with parts of Boone County and Wyoming County.

Both Ralph Rodighiero and Rupie Phillips, Jr. will advance to the Nov. 4 general election.  On Wednesday morning, a computer glitch was identified and fixed and revised vote totals showed Phillips, an incumbent, had beaten Ted Tomblin, his fellow incumbent, to secure the nomination.

MetroNews Affiliate WVOW Radio in Logan was reporting only the early votes from a precinct at Buffalo Elementary School were mistakenly counted on Tuesday night.

When the other votes were added, Phillips gained 100 votes to Tomblin’s 46 additional votes, breaking what had been a tie for the second spot on the November ballot.

Phillips finished with 2,213 votes to Tomblin’s 2,059 votes in unofficial results.  The official canvass of the votes was scheduled to begin on Friday.

Both Rodighiero, a former delegate who unsuccessfully ran for sheriff in 2012, and Phillips will face Republican Gloria Meadows this fall.

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  • larry

    Political figures are definitely in the public eye and I don't think rupie Phillips or Tedd tomblin should have been in the house of delegates III n the first place because all they are is bar hopping women chasing drunks. I'm so glad that Ralph rodighero got back in he is a good Christian family man that actually helps people . I just am upset that David Graham didn't get elected along with Ralph.

  • DWL

    Guess we know who got to the "court house" with the largest suitcase of cash first!

    • Dale

      Buffalo Elementary is Rupie's stomping grounds. Power issues day of election. Closed for regular classes the next day due to power issues. Well thought out.

      Could be money, could be Rupie a little brighter than Tomblin. Nay, must be the money.