CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Hunting on Sundays will soon be an option on private land in five West Virginia counties.

During Tuesday’s primary election, voters in Braxton, Webster, Wirt, Nicholas and Calhoun counties approved hunting on the seventh day —  while voters in both Lewis County and Gilmer County rejected the idea.  Unofficial vote totals indicated 30 votes made the difference in Gilmer County.

Tuesday marked the first time the question of Sunday hunting had gone to voters in West Virginia since 2002, the same year the Legislature authorized Sunday hunting on private land statewide if voters in each county approved.  In votes soon after the law was implemented, 41 counties eliminated the Sunday hunting option.

Cory Boothe was part of the grassroots effort to revisit the issue a decade later.  Five percent of voters in each county had to sign a petition for the matter to make it onto the ballot.  He said he may pursue similar actions in other counties.

The Virginia General Assembly recently lifted the longtime ban on Sunday hunting there.

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  • Al Hulcher

    I wish I could hunt on my own land in Upshur county on sundays, because I work 6 days a week and I'm on call 24/7

  • Dennis

    After reading all these comments, people are straying off track regarding the topic. I keep reading where allowing hunting on Sunday is an encroachment on religious freedom. Nothing is further from the truth...Its not like anyone is going hunting in your church service. Have your service and be happy, while I go hunting on my private property when I chose to do so. Really simple is it not?

  • WV Outdoorsman

    I don't care what the voters of Lewis County said, I'm going to hunt on MY PRIVATE LAND this fall.
    Not one single person in the city limits of Weston helped me buy and pay for my land.
    They didn't help build my house. They don't pay or help pay for my property taxes.
    They don't help me mow, trim trees, hang stands, put in food plots, or fill feeders. So why should I have to abide by how they voted?
    Since I don't live in the city limits, I don't have a voice in regards to which mayor is elected. I don't have a say in what city ordinances get passed. I don't have a say in what Weston spends their money on.
    So I will not accept what a stranger says I can or can not do on my own land. If I shoot a deer with my bow some Sunday morning, I'm 100% sure THEY WILL NOT hear it during their church sermon!!
    Are we going to tell the NFL or the NBA that they can no longer play football or basketball games on Sunday? Of course not!!
    And voters are not going to tell me what I can or can not do on my own land on a Sunday either..

    • Dennis

      Simply put....AMEN!

  • rick

    Sunday hunting should be Statewide...both private and public land. The Legislature is too cowardly to abolish one of the blue laws so it is up to the counties.

  • Killabee

    Currently there are 10 states that have restricted or prohibited Sunday hunting. CT, DE, ME, MD, MA, NJ, NC, PA, SC and WV are the states that have these limitations. These laws are blue laws that date back to the 1700's. Way to stay progressive WV, only 40 states have Sunday hunting.

  • rick

    Hey Walker...can you tell me one "right" you have actually lost under this or any other administration?

  • rick

    This is just another "blue law" that should have been done away with a long time ago. Out West the season is all week long without any problems, We can do anything else on Sunday why not hunt. There is no valid reason to keep it closed

  • Pro Hunting

    Sunday hunting will give us another day to kill more animals, so they don't overpopulate and starve. That is why we want to kill more, so they don't starve to death, I don't know why you anti-hunters can't understand that.

  • walker

    If any of you voted for obama don't lecture me about your freedom or rights.

  • tom hartman

    I bought my land I pay taxes on it and I cant hunt on it when ever I want, I thought this was America not a dictatorship, if its a matter of noise on sundays why not bring up bow hunting only, come on now its one of the biggest money makers in the state, sportsmen spend and generate more money then any other group

  • ThatGuyOverThere

    Sportsmen and women won on this issue this time. We will win next time, and the time after that, and so on and so fourth...We may never get all counties but we will continue to gain ground in our efforts.

  • WVMM

    It used to be legal to beat your wife on Sunday as long as it was on the courthouses lawn, it was illegal to hold public office without first participating in a duel and you could go to jail for a year for living together out of wedlock. Attitudes change, people change and society changes. The people voted it in. If you do not agree with it, dont hunt on Sunday. Pretty simple. Your personal religious outlooks and feelings should not be allowed to dictate what legal activity I choose to partake in on my property. Almost every other state in the US has Sunday hunting and its people are not being slaughtered or held hostage on their own property by others. They are not less "godly" because they hunt on Sunday. There are several counties IN our great state that have had it all along. The residents there are not being picked off while strolling in their yard. Many of the comments here are paranoid ramblings of people that are throwing a tantrum because they dont get to dictate what their neighbors do. It is very odd to me. Grow up. The world does not revolve around your irrational fears or personal feelings towards others. You do what you like on Sunday and I will hunt. I promise I wont shoot anybody unless they decide to dress up like a deer and prance around MY property. Now if you choose to do that, it is your issue not mine. A little personal responsibility goes a long way. If you are truly worried about a hunter shooting you accidentally, wear some blaze orange so they can see you as you picnic in November. You would wear clothing to make yourself visible if you were walking along the road this is no different. If you are too lazy to take the steps necessary to ensure your safety.....once again, that is your issue.

  • leroy

    shoot, people hunt on sundays , 1 am, anytime of the day, not legal but they still do it

  • Pennsyltucky

    I will support a ban on Sunday hunting when all the athletic facilities are likewise closed. No little league, no youth football or soccer, no college football. What's the difference, as Hillary would say.

    I'm a religious guy from Pennsyltucky. We are worse off up here with different people forcing their beliefs on others. You push your religious beliefs on others then it must be ok with you for the LGBT crowd to push their beliefs on you. Or are you a hypocrite?

    • WhgFeeling

      WOW!! I actually found someone else that calls it Pennsyltucky!!!! :)

  • GaveUpOnGOP

    Just finished reading over comments here. Am once again amazed that there are people who need convincing regarding our rights to freedom.