CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Hunting on Sundays will soon be an option on private land in five West Virginia counties.

During Tuesday’s primary election, voters in Braxton, Webster, Wirt, Nicholas and Calhoun counties approved hunting on the seventh day —  while voters in both Lewis County and Gilmer County rejected the idea.  Unofficial vote totals indicated 30 votes made the difference in Gilmer County.

Tuesday marked the first time the question of Sunday hunting had gone to voters in West Virginia since 2002, the same year the Legislature authorized Sunday hunting on private land statewide if voters in each county approved.  In votes soon after the law was implemented, 41 counties eliminated the Sunday hunting option.

Cory Boothe was part of the grassroots effort to revisit the issue a decade later.  Five percent of voters in each county had to sign a petition for the matter to make it onto the ballot.  He said he may pursue similar actions in other counties.

The Virginia General Assembly recently lifted the longtime ban on Sunday hunting there.

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  • Jephre

    Wow, you guys on both sides of the Sunday hunting issue are almost as passionate as the Huggins haters.

  • Roger Kerr

    While every one is on there high horse
    I will put in my 2 cents worth. I think from my point of view(for what its worth) officials who are not elected by the people shouldn't be allowed to make laws. Example Health dept. telling me I can't smoke in my own establishment. If I put up signs telling the public this is a smoking establishment. I don't smoke or own a business I'am talking from what is right and wrong. Our fore fathers have to be rolling in their graves. I know I will soon be paying taxes to a city I don't live in or have a vote.

    • Ricardo

      Roger - These laws are enacted mostly to protect the innocent from the harmful smoke floating in the air. While your establishment may be a small operation, this law is to protect the masses in a larger chain, or where the public may frequent most.
      I used to smoke, so I get it. One's views are typically aligned with whatever is most convenient to them. I think if you took the time to research the affects cigarette smoke has on others, and open your mind a little bit, you would understand.
      It's kind of like removing the robber from the bank instead of the patrons.
      Respectfully - RM

  • Logic

    Any idea of when this change takes effect?

  • DWL

    Be interesting to see which way the divorce rates go in these 5 counties as a result.

    • Bryan Cox

      I believe divorce rates will go down. Hunting is an activity the whole family can enjoy together. If you think women don't hunt these days, then you are a sexist pig.

    • Cory Bothe

      Really? Full nude bars, alcohol, and gambling are ok on Sunday but Sunday hunting for a few months a year is going to add to the divorce rate?

      • Larry

        I think he or she meant that the divorce rate would go up because the husband would be out hunting everyday of the week now.

        • Cory Boothe

          I promise you that the internet adds more to the divorce rate in any county than Sunday hunting ever will. Sunday hunting adding to divorce rate? Grasping for straws at best.

      • Bartholomule

        It's also legal to shoot guns and butcher animals on Sunday, statewide. Just no hunting.

  • thornton

    Be some happier kids now and that is a great thing.....other than that, the success is much ado about precious little.

    I would say that the effort and dedication to "the cause", along with luck and timing, was rewarded.

    • Cory Bothe


      Please stick to your standard deer are the antichrist, nobody else understands habitat diversity, grouse are underrated, and deer hunters are selfish slobs posts

      • Jay

        Please... Maybe some of us don't want to hear the noise one day a week. Some days the woods near my country home sounds like a shooting range. For the record idi shoot.

        • Bryan Cox

          Jay, that is because everyone is jammed in the woods on Saturday. Having two days on the weekend to hunt might spread things out a bit.

        • Cory Boothe


          So you can hear me shooting my bow on my own property?

        • Hollow hunter

          Jay, I have some ear plugs for you.

          • thornton

            Hear, see and speak no evil...of a problem or of fellow hunters.
            Closed ears ..and eyes and mouths...certainly have worked a treat over the years for a multitude of issues...WV and beyond.

            I should add ...grouse are not "underrated" at all and deer hunters are not "slobs" by that definition.
            Habitat the grouse share is underrated all too often and deer hunters are selfish by their narrow focus on their own interest and what furthers it.

            But, the hunting future is theirs.... and there.
            No denying that fact.
            No shame in a spotlight...however, those can obviously be very uncomfortable.
            Too bad.

      • thornton

        "Precious little" was correct...don't throw a rod in trying to understand.

        Enjoy your reward.

  • 2XLPatriot

    If you are against me hunting on my land on Sundays then get up off your worthless, fat, lazy, government subsidized butts and start pulling your weight on my property. You can cut and clear brush, build and repair fence, fill my feeders, tend the garden, cut the lawn and weedwhack until your little hearts are screaming communism. Once you do this and make my land a better place at no cost to me then, and only then will you socialist libtards have a voice that may carry some weight. Until then, go back to your little communist corners, continue to praise and worship obama and wipe the drool off of your chins.


      I believe the issue is, under common law, the land may belong to you, but the game belongs to the state (people, if you so wish). You can only take game if you are licensed and in season, because you don't own the wild game. If I trespass on your land, you don't own me. I wild game passes on your land, you don't own them. I think that is a reasonable and respectable rule of law. If the people grant you the privilege to harvest game, then you may.

    • Bartholomule

      Stop holding back!

    • susanf1218

      Please make up your so-called mind. Are the people who don't agree w/you and you apparently enjoy calling names communists or socialists?? Because they aren't the same, you know. Or maybe you don't.

      • 2XLPatriot

        susanf1218, Ok, the joke is over. Are you really Nancy Pelosi or Diane Feinstein masqueradng on here under an alias? Your comments and replies are right out of the cold war era communist states and countries. You seriously believe YOU have a right to tell me and others what we can and cannot do on our own properties? When did my hunting on my own land ever disturb or harm you? Do gun shots wake you from your nap and make you spill your Bon-Bons all over the floor or did you squash your Little Debbie snack cakes when you jumped? This is America and we are in West Virginia, not some little hippie utopia. Hunting is our tradition and a way of self sustinability. Hunters are more environmentaly responsible and are better conservators of the environment than any Prius driving whack-a-doodle, she-male on the road. I am well aware of the difference AND the similarities between socialism and communism. They just seemed like "Nicer" words to use in my original post than what was really going through my mind! Now, garyk; Reading comprehension. Learn it, use it and stop using drugs.

        • susanf1218

          It might surprise you to know that I am married to a wildlife biologist and that hunting is a strong tradition in our family. So I don't have anything against hunting. I think it is interesting that when Sunday hunting was originally proposed, 41 out of 55 counties in WV rejected it. My point is that the mindset/mentality of people continues to head in the direction of believing that no one should have to comply w/any laws, rules, regulations, etc. that they don't like and that people should be able to do whatever the hell they want to do wherever and whenever. This issue is simply a reflection of that attitude and it is not a good thing!

          • WhgFeeling

            Please can you come up with one thing in the country the government has not already regulated? Everything from riding a bicycle to taking a crap has some form of regulation attached.

          • 2XLPatriot

            Maybe we feel that way because our own government has over-regulated us to death. Our rights are quietly and even sometimes blatantly, being stripped away. There are no more private phone calls without the NSA recording our conversations, we have drones flying over American soil, a POTUS who thinks he is a dictator and a police/nanny state doctrine being pushed.

          • Marion

            Susan then why do you persistantly want to ridicule what I and alot others personally wish to do ? I work my ass off 6 days a week ! Not much time to hunt, vacation time is limited, can't call in sick and no personal days. So when do you think I can hunt plus support my family?! It's a crying shame I'm dictated to when I can hunt. I geuss I could quit my job I've been at for a very long time, lose my home, car, go on welfare, get subsidized housing, welfare phone,welfare automobile , food stamps,ect.. Hunt and fish all week ! WOW ! Thanks you helped me answer my own question !

    • garyk

      Another brilliant West Virginian, NOT. Get off your ass and do you own work. Another dumbass following the ranting of the Comedy Channel. I mean fox liars news. And the drug dealer(RL) idiots you would follow. These are the real reason this country is screwed up.

      • wow

        garyk, are you on drugs or something? What you have said is all broken up ad hard to follow, or are you just a stupid libtard.

    • Huh

      Hopefully you mean bird feeders and you are not feeding other forms of wildlife, it isn't really recommended to feed any wild animals, including birds.

      • 2XLPatriot

        It's a fair trade off. They feed me, I feed them. I only supplement during the winter months. It keeps them on my property and off he roads. "Man" may not recommend it but the animals sure appreciate it when there is 18 inches of snow on the ground most of the winter.

    • Maxeer

      LMAO...well said 2xlPatriot...although I dont hunt anymore folks have a right to do what they want WHEN they on their own property. Amen Bro...

      • Shawn H

        Not in Obama's New America

      • truepatriot

        folks have a right to do what they want WHEN they (want) on their own property...

        so should folks be able to grow marijuana? cook meth? build large penis structures that are visible to all neighbors? play music at extreme levels? etc...

        • Cory Boothe

          If it is legal six days a week, it should be legal the seventh. Sunay hunting bans dangerously coincide with a violation of the First Amendment.

          Marijuana, meth, and such are illegal activities seven days a week. Hunting is not.

  • P B and J

    To all those who are opposed, let's put it this way.

    People who hunt on private land are hunting on at least 5 acres which are taxed at a higher rate than those who live on smaller plots of .10 acres of land.

    How are you going to tell someone who pays more in property taxes than you what to do??

    • Marion

      You don't have to have 5 acres to hunt on your own land as far as I know.

    • ViennaGuy

      - How are you going to tell someone who pays more in property taxes than you what to do?? -

      It's done all the time - school levys, mass-transit levys, and so forth.

      I live in Wood County, have no kids, and yet over 60% of my property taxes go to the school board. Meanwhile, there are many people here in Wood County who do have kids in the school system, pay less in property taxes than I pay, receive subsidies such as free or reduced price lunches and books, and then have the unmitigated gall to tell me that I should vote for more levies that will benefit their kids.

      We have the same situation here with a mass-transit bus levy (which passed again last night, grrrrrrrrr). I have no need for, and do not use, the bus system, but those who do use it have told me that I have an obligation to pay higher property taxes so they can ride the bus(really? It's my obligation to make sure that you can ride a subsidized bus?).

      It's not right, but it's done all the time.

      • P B and J

        I agree 100 percent.

        I have no kids so I hate my taxes supporting a school to make someone elses kid dumber.

        I've never rode on a public bus either and It killed me last night to vote for the Kanawha County Levy becaue it included public transportation. However I pulled the trigger because as law enforcement, I would hate to see emergency services cut.

        Maybe I worded this thing wrong, its not about where the taxes go, but its about those who contribute less get to decide on the PRIVATE PROPERTY of those who contribute more.

        As a firm believer of only LAND OWNERS and TAX PAYERS should have the right to vote, I'll be damned if someone who sits on their ass all day gets to decide on what I do with my own land.

        • DIASPORA

          Statistically, it is land owners and tax payers that vote.

        • ViennaGuy

          You worded it just right. I'm the same way - it's less about where the taxes go(although the wasted money does eat at me) and more about these people who pay less tax than me telling me that I should pay even higher taxes so they can derive the benefits of them.

          I firmly believe that property taxes should be eliminated and replaced.

        • Steve

          So what you are saying is that if someone pays less in taxes, or do not own land they should not be allowed to vote? What about those that live in apartments? Personally, I could care less when people hunt as the Sunday hunting law was implemented to please the religious people anyway. I just want to understand where you are coming from.

  • C. F. T.

    In the five Counties where it passed it is now legal to hunt on Sunday, the majority of the voters have cast their vote. Civics 101, regardless if you are for or against, voting counts. In November and each following election VOTE. P. S. The folks who did not vote in 2008 & 2012 are more to blame for this Country having an liberal President than his supporters.

    • Property101

      This shouldn't be a law anywhere and it's sad that it is even left to the voters. Why should someone living in an apartment on one end of the county even have a voice as to what a farmer on the other end is doing on his or her property on any day of the week? We are a republic, not a democracy, and our elected officials should have the sense to protect private property rights, even if a particular right is the minority position, instead of punting the issue to the "people" and giving one person the right to control another's land.

      The irony is that while in my county it's against the law to hunt on Sundays, it's not against the law for me to go out on my property and just shoot guns all day. So, it's illegal for me to climb up in a tree stand, sit quietly and quite possibly never fire a shot, but perfectly fine for me to invite all my friends over for an afternoon firing session to be heard all over the valley.

  • Welfare Bum

    I personally do not care either way. I hunt when I want and where I want. Plus kill what I want. Do not even buy a permit. Waste of money. Politicans just put the money in their pocket any how. Law are made to make money and protect the establishment in WV. Everyone should just do what I do. POACH!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rob

      Now that's stimulating attitude...

  • gibbs

    You can if it's your own land and public land.

  • CaptainQ

    If you happen to be in Braxton, Webster, Wirt, Nicholas or Calhoun counties in late November, better not plan to take a Sunday stroll out in the woods....

    • Shadow

      I think you were trespassing when you heard the shot!

    • Bryan Cox


      Statistics show horse riders are more likely to get injured or killed by their own horse than from a hunter.

    • Confused

      So they are taking a Sunday stroll on someone else's property? Why?

      If you own property and wish to "stroll" I am certain you can post your property against Sunday hunting.

      BTW Lewis County everyone better be in church every Sunday. Ashamed I was born and raised there.

    • Cory Boothe

      Really? Can you tell me the last time you took a stroll on private property in late November? Can you give me one "FACTUAL" account of any hiker being shot in West Virginia in the 14 counties that have had Sunday hunting since 2001? You can't. Facts trump conjecture and irrational fears.

      • Free Speech

        Captain Q,

        I am with Corey on this one. Show me some figures of someone just randomly being shot while "strolling" through the woods. Also - why are you "strolling" on someones PRIVATE property?

    • .

      If you don't agree with Sunday hunting, make sure your private property is posted, and don't allow anyone to hunt on it who is a proponent of Sunday hunting.

      • Steve

        And that is why I vote against Sunday hunting. My land is posted, yet I've been shot at twice and confronted multitudes of trespassers who "got lost" or are just "tracking their deer" during hunting season. I've had tree stands stolen, again, from posted property. I've had to repair damage caused by 4-wheelers who were, again, trespassing. A "posted" sign is meaningless. At least on Sunday I know I can enjoy my land with a slightly-reduced chance of having to deal with some trespasser that thinks it is their "right" to do whatever they want...

  • Freedom

    It's called freedom Susan! I've heard your government touting mouth in here before why should this issue be any different. The key here is PRIVATE land, it's not yours or your government's place to regulate that, get a grip lady.

    • susanf1218

      You sound like an anarchist. If you aren't sure what that is, look it up.

  • I'm honest at least

    That's a good start.

  • susanf1218

    Good point! It really isn't an issue of people not having time other days to hunt - it is just that people are so self-centered that they want to be able to do whatever they want, whenever and wherever they choose. Sort of like being able to go to Wal-Mart 24/7. It really is a sad, sorry state of affairs.

    • Shadow

      Susan, as I said before your are a Control Freak. My condolences to you significant other.

      • susanf1218

        What a silly person you are! Making ASSumptions about someone you don't even know! People who do know me would refute your idea that I am a control freak! What I am is a responsible, law-abiding citizen who understands that there are reasonable laws,regulations, and restrictions on what we can and cannot do. Not a problem.

        • Shadow

          Reasonable as long as it is your Way! If you are not a Control Freak, why do you want to control what someone does on his property on Sunday? Would you like it if someone said you couldn't BBQ in your backyard on Saturday and Sunday?

    • The bookman

      Susan you are consistent, I'll give you that. What you seem to miss in this argument is the fact we are talking about private property only. So the argument that hunters want to go where ever they want is just false. The fact is that it is you who have the self centered position on this issue. Full disclosure....I don't hunt, and rarely fish, and am an avid hiker, biker, and outdoors person. But a basic tenet of our country is that of our right to life, liberty, and property. Be respectful of our rights and freedoms, or eventually someone may try to take yours away.

      • susanf1218

        It may be on private property only - FOR NOW!! But it won't be long before the clamor will start to allow hunting on public lands on Sundays as well. As the old saying goes "give someone an inch and they will take a mile".

        • Cook

          Susan, great idea! I will start the petision now

        • Marion

          Susan ! Yes I want the mile ! The public land is for the public for whatever they choose to do ! Hunt , fish, hike, camp, bird watch whatever ! It should be statewide private or public UNCONDITIONALALY ! Period ! You make me sick !

          • Marion

            Susan look in the mirror !

          • susanf1218

            Thanks, Marion. You just provided a perfect example of my point! It's ALL about YOU and what YOU want, isn't it??

          • The bookman


            I would support some limited public land hunting options, but not full bore every Sunday. You may want to reconsider your desire to take more than your share of the cake. The people may choose to not offer you cake in the future, thus limiting your opportunity.

        • wow

          one can only hope.

      • Rob

        Excellent points Bookman!

    • desperate

      My husband usually works seven days a week-- Sunday is the only day his schedule is more flexible. So for a lot of people it is an issue of time. Plus two days of hunting on a weekend, gives people more time to hunt with their kids-- important for those of us who want to keep the hunting heritage alive.

  • griff

    if jeremy booth has time to get 5%of the people on a petition he has plenty of time to hunt the other 6 days of the week

    • Cory Boothe

      Actually, I put the petitions out AFTER work and picked them up weeks later AFTER work. Thank you for knowing so much about me.

      • Free Speech

        Cory - Thanks for your concern and effort to get this passed. I have property in Calhoun County and greatly appreciate your time. Don't be concerned about the "nay" sayers. They are just upset because we citizens have spoken, voted, and passed laws that bring family enjoyment and closeness to nature.

        You think you could work on crossbow hunting next? I think its ridiculous surrounding states can hunt with a crossbow, but you can't in WV unless you are medically unable to hunt with a bow? .

        • Cory Boothe

          Currently, Sunday hunting more than has my hands full. I support the personal choice for people to use a crossbow, I am just too busy to tackle another issue.

          • Bonepro

            Crossguns are for lazy priks. Trust me, The lazy slobs have come out of the woodwork in archery season now that they are legal in Pa. Poaching is now off the charts also.

      • Marion

        Hey Cory, great job ! Thanks a million ! When can it be put on the ballots again in the counties that were struck down in ? And what counties are next on your agenda ? What can I do to help out the cause ? My county is still outlawed to Sunday hunting so I can use that day to help. If that's ok with those who oppose it.

        • Cory Boothe


    • Bill W

      I'm sure all of those people hunting on Sunday on their own land is really messing up your weekend.