STAR CITY, W.Va. — A would-be bank robber apparently was too early Thursday morning.

State Police were called to the United Bank on University Avenue in Star City for a reported attempted robbery. Emergency officials said suspect walked up to the bank around 9:00 a.m. but arrived before the bank was opened and the doors were locked. Employees were already inside and the suspect fled.

The bank has already been robbed twice this year, on March 26 and April 22.

In March, a suspect described as 6-foot-2, 220 pounds with a very athletic build entered the bank around 9:40 a.m. He was covered from head toe and wore a blue metallic Halloween mask that looked like a skull. He jumped on the counter and threatened the teller with a large hunting knife and as quickly as he arrived, he ran out the back entrance of the bank.

On April 22, a man wearing dark clothing and a mask walked into the United Bank branch in Star City at just before 9:30 a.m. Police said he had a gun and demanded money. He got it and left the bank about 43 seconds after he entered. That suspect was described as 5-foot-6 to 5-foot-8 and wore a brown hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans and tennis shoes.

No arrests have been made in either crime.

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  • Gem-Digger

    Must of been one of the guys that drove over to the Eastern Panhandle (yes folks we are part of the state that left Virginia in 1863 also) and robbed a bank in Hardy County. I think his outfit changed by then by the looks of the pictures.

  • ViennaGuy

    And that, folks, is today's edition of Dumb Crook News.

  • william

    This must be a OBAMA bank.
    They just like to share the wealth.
    That from some, give to others -

  • Dr. Sarcasm

    Someone shows up early to a bank and it's an attempted robbery? Unless Metronews left out of the story pertinent details that the perp had a mask and/or a weapon or demanded money that led the employees to believe he was attempting to rob the bank. In that case, good job!

    • Frances Frame

      Yeah. I question that too. I work in a bank and we have people always trying to get in before opening. It's because they don't read signs. Unless he was masked or brandishing a weapon, the police wouldn't have been called by us. But no one gets in our doors before opening time.

    • Dr. Sarcasm

      Before any of you ninnies say something, the article describes the suspects in the March and April events.

  • Randy

    Gotta love it.