BAKER, W.Va. — West Virginia State Police are searching for the armed suspects who robbed a bank in Hardy County dressed as a clown and a monkey.

Troopers said a woman wearing a black hoodie and a brown monkey mask and grey sweat pants entered Capon Valley Bank in Baker at just before 11 a.m. Wednesday. She was with a man wearing a clown mask with orange hair and a large clown suit.

The woman had a gun and demanded money. The pair took off in a blue vehicle heading east on Route 55 toward Route 48. The car was found a few minutes later on fire along Sauerkraut Road. The car was stolen from Mallory Ford in Winchester, Virginia.

The investigation continues.

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  • Ron - from Morgantown

    I would be way to clumsy to pull this off . I would drop the money bag or my mask would shift and I wouldn't be able to see. I would sweat under that mask and make it difficult for me to see and I would run into a wall . I would forget where the door was and panic . I would accidently say the name of my partner . I would trip outside trying to get in the car . I would forget about my partner and drive off without her . So the women had the gun and the guy grabbed the cash ? That's interesting actually . Shouldn't it be the other way around ?

  • Hugh

    To those who asked what motivates these peple it's the money. Money to support either a Heroine Habbit or a gambling addiction. Or other addictive personality issue. Very few are motivated by pure greed and adrenaline.

    • Lost River, WV

      Why does everyone assume when you are robbing something or doing something like that, that it's for drugs?? What if they have a young baby and can't find jobs and need money for them? Why if they are trying to get money for a Dad who needs a kidney transplant? There's all kinds of hard ships people are going through and in my opinion, if they were doing drugs of any sort, they'd already be in jail. I would think druggies wouldn't think things through like these two did. It could still be drugs, but you just never know. I don't assume I know anything.

      • Dad

        Here in my town several years ago a man robbed a bank in order to pay off the debts he had accumulated while gambling on golf at the country club. A few years later, the superintendent of the golf course at the same club committed suicide due to his gambling debts.

      • JWP

        it was drugs.....

      • Lost River, WV

        No matter what situation people are in, there's no reason at all to do something like this. God Bless everyone. I hope they find it in there hearts to do the right thing.

  • Ron - from Morgantown

    They put a lot of thought before committing this crime , they had to pick out a costume , steal a car , have the materials to sent the car on fire , hide the actual get away car and pick out the right bank and right time . Just think how much they could make if they just worked for a living - work isn't that bad . Obviously they are motivated . What motivates people to rob a bank in broad daylight dressed as a clown and a monkey ? Is it desperation ? Is it thrill ? Do they wake up and say ," this is the day , we've planned this for months" . Or do they do this on a whim , like , "hey , want to rob a bank today ? " . What is a good take$ to risk serious jail time to rob a bank ? I think I would need like 50k to take that risk ( still wouldn't do it ) . I don't think they get any where near 50k , I'm told more like 2g . That aint worth it . Here's my idea to stop all robs like this , all business have a 100$ bill with a built in GPS strip , when the place is robbed , you activate the GPS and notify the State Police , who follows the GPS and make the arrest .

  • Melinda Tharp

    The clowns, monkeys and jacka**s are apparently the ones reading this. Hope I get to read the article when you (the ones who think this is so funny) or one of your family members are in a situation. Then see how funny you think it is. People should really think about the people involved. Give them a kind word instead of wasting time coming up with what you think are cleaver comments. Thank God everyone involved are safe...

    • Lost River, WV

      I understand your concerns, but everyone has there own opinions. Be it dumb, smart, funny or whatever. To each his own, who are we to judge what people have to say. Not me, nor you.

    • Ron - from Morgantown

      I totally get what your saying , especially when you see that photo , the clown definitely looks menacing. But its not everyday that you get to comment on a clown and monkey robing a bank, especially in Hardy county . I thought the monkey was an overkill and unnecessary risky . The clown would have been sufficient . So why did the person include the monkey in the crime ? I mean you have to split the profit 50 per cent , so this monkey must have been important to the task . Maybe the clown can't drive . Something to think when trying to solve this crime . Is it husband - wife ? Do we have cameras at the car dealership where the car was stolen ? You can't just buy a clown- monkey suit anywhere , maybe someone remembers the purchase ( this isn't late Oct ) .

      • GV

        The clown got a monkey because the monkey does not know how to divide, therefore when the money is split the clown will take 80% and the monkey will only get 20%.

  • MT

    Must have been a democrat and a republican.

  • Independent View

    Could that have been Jadevevon Clowney picking up a few bucks to tide him over until he get's his first Houston Texans NFL paycheck?
    And, maybe the person in the monkey suit was his PED supplier?

  • Jack Stanford

    It's kinda funny you guys

  • thornton

    No woories, those big shoe prints will leave a good trail....apprehension imminent.

  • Nancy

    Alex Mooney... is that you?????

  • LDB

    Smart taking the monkey. The pig would have squealed.

  • Eric

    Usually, it's a clown and a monkey running a bank.

    • whatamoroon

      And the FBI lab will have to scrutinize the camera footage to determine which clown and which monkey are the perpetrators.

    • Awesome comment

      Great comment.....bankers.....who cares about them.

      • redhead in wv

        To the one who said bankers, who cares....that's just awesome. I work in a bank..this is a legitimate fear of all of us. How would you like it if your loved one worked in a bamk and got held up by gunpoint? Maybe then you would care. Have a little sensitivity for others.

  • Bartholomule

    This was a serious crime and someone could have been killed. I am offended by the lack of sensitivity displayed on this site. What a bunch of clowns!

    • Ricky

      Everyone who works in retail and banking is aware this is a hazard of the occupation.

    • Kate Fisher

      Everyone always has to be outraged over something. Thank God no one was hurt, but seriously, the clown was wearing a flower-pattern ladies' housecoat. It's somewhat amusing.

      • Oh Did Ya?

        I can assure you it is not amusing to the bank teller who had the gun shoved in his/her face and will probably have nightmares about that mask the rest of his/her life.

        • license to carry

          Maybe the bank teller should get a license to carry. Then we would have a dead clown and monkey!

          • duh

            Hey license to carry um it kinda doesn't matter if you have a concealed carry its illegal to carry a gun into a bank whether or not your a costumer or an employee. ...... get a life

          • MP

            Banks have made the decision to provide no security for either customers or employees.

  • Frank the tank

    Someone please tell me there are pictures of this somewhere

    • Sierra

      On the WHAG site.

    • j.w.

  • Just me

    Any word on if these two clowns were picked up ? Haha ... but really? Have the figured out who it was clowning around that bank... ? Do you have a photo that could be posted?

    • Jim

      You mean picked up by someone in a really small car?

  • 2XLPatriot

    While not funny at all, the headline made me spit coffee on my computer screen. Thanks for that!

    • rose

      Absolutely hilarious line...
      I am glad no one was hurt.