MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — University football coach John Kelley joined the Sportsline for his take on the State Board of Education tabling the proposal to extend the summer practice session.

“I think they made a very wise decision to table it and study it a little bit and see exactly what those who proposed it had in mind,” Kelley said. “This isn’t a ‘victory’ for those who opposed the proposal – I just think it’s a smart move to step back and take a look at it.

“They’re going to do this very carefully and that’s really what I would like them to do,” he continued. “I’m not saying 100 percent it should never happen, but you had better have some guidelines. I just think the opportunity for abuse was tremendous, but I think with these guys sitting back and looking at it with limitations and rules to follow, maybe we can avoid that and come up with a compromise.”

The complete interview with Kelley is posted above.

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  • mike

    Until we have more practices, spring and summer like Florida, Texas etc... WV H.S. football will always be second rate which isn't fair to the kids. More fb time will better their chances at scholarships.