RANSON, W.Va. — An ice cream shop went up in flames early Monday morning in Jefferson County. The Ranson Dairy Queen is a complete loss.

Firefighters from the Independent VFD and other fire companies responded to the blaze around 4 a.m. Within 10 minutes the roof of the building collapsed making it impossible to save the structure on South Mildred Street.

No one was injured battling the flames.

Restaurant owner Vicki Peterson said they plan to rebuild but it could be six months or more before they’re able to reopen.

Investigators are still trying to determined what sparked the blaze.

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  • Suzie

    My grandson loved Dairy Queen. Is there a date yet as to when it will be rebuilt?

  • DWL

    First question to ask is "What was the cause and who's investigating?" Seems to be an exceptionally high volume of destructive fires in Jefferson Co.. Especially since the county commission floated the likelihood of closing several fire companies down in favor of liberal ideas like a dog park over basic services.

  • Jonus Grumby

    I feel bad for the employees who will lose their jobs. School is getting ready to let out and many work at fast food establishments for the summer.

  • David

    Why is the backhoe knocking the building over? It seems they may be destroying evidence as to the cause.

    Seems not to long ago they destroyed evidence when they razed a barn after a fire in the barn and some horses got killed?

  • Scud attack

    What will all the big bellies and big bottoms do now to fill their gut tanks with leaded fat cells. Lol

    • Molly

      and you my dear are pond scum

    • Lala

      Wow so uncalled for do u have any clue why so many people are overweight it's not just from the food n junk they eat some it's a medical condition

      • rn

        Medical condition!? Stop stuff n the pie hole will fix the "medical condition". Dont even have to get obama care to fix that "medical condition". Being over weight is one of the easiest condition to fix, call it a balanced diet, try it.

        • DWL

          Sorta like those diseases called alcoholism & drug addictions. No one to blame but the addicts. Outlaw Narcan and let 'em die. That'll solve the problem plus aid the state's economy. It keeps the morticians busy. It just alleviates the m0r0n-care piranha - ER's!

      • BillyBob

        Why is it that so many in America, more specifically West Virginia, have a medical condition that turns them into fat dumpsters? Why isnt Europe afflicted?

  • Billi Bobbi

    Someone's crack pipe got too hot

  • Ice Cream Man

    Darn no blizzards today.LOL.