CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. — Republican congressional nominee Alex Mooney isn’t shy about sharing his true feelings.

“I’ve never hid who I was. I”m a strong conservative and I’m a fighter,” he said Monday on MetroNews Talkline. “There’s going to be great differences between me and the Democrat opponent. Nick Casey is a nice man, but he’s a liberal.”

Alex Mooney

Mooney is banking on voters in the Second Congressional District choosing his side as they head to the polls in November. He handily won the Republican primary amid seven different candidates by a fairly wide margin. He believed his message resonated with the people of the district.

“They want spending under control. This is not even an issue where it’s a moderate,conservative or liberal,” said Mooney. “The voters of West Virginia want to see the federal government balance the budget, just like they balance their budget. I think this is an issue the resonates with all voters.”

Mooney said West Virginia voters will have a clear choice in the Second Congressional District in November. He said he’s more than willing to share the differences between himself and Democrat nominee Nick Casey.

“I’m a conservative, I’ll fight to repeal Obamacare. He (Casey) supports Obamacare,” he said. “I’m solidly pro Second Amendment, Nick Casey believes in some gun control laws.”

Mooney served 12 years in the Maryland state Senate and for two years as the chairman of the Maryland State Republican party. He moved to Charles Town in February 2013. Many have used his late arrival to the state as fodder for criticism, saying he only switched his zip code to gain a political advantage.

“I chose to live in West Virginia because I want to live in a state that shares my values and my conservative value,” said Mooney.

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  • Paula Simpson

    Where's the proof this man is prejudice. If he's a believer as he claims, his God is colorblind.

  • Paula Simpson

    Hello, Thank Mrs. Mooney for her lovely letter of introduction. I just wish she had gotten to a little more of the meat of the situation. Will you ever vote against life or will you work to overturn Roe vs. Wade?

    I would sincerely appreciate a response. Thank you for your service.

    Paula Simpson

  • NoBull

    So Mooney is gonna repeal Obamacare? Hmmmm... It's all up to him? Too funny. This guy has lived on the government dime his entire life. I'm sure he LOVES that government health care plan! These people are too much!

  • wendy

    He's a fighter? What state or states is he a fighter for? Maryland, New Hampshire, Florida, Arizona, etc.?
    Time to get a little coal dust on this guy's elitist face.

  • Jonus Grumby

    As a lifelong conservative who loathes Rockefeller for being a carpetbagger, I cannot in good conscience cast my ballot for this guy. I do realize Mooney was shafted in the great liberal haven of Maryland, but it's obvious to me he moved here for only one reason. And as far as voting for his opponent, that ain't happening either.

  • C. F. T.

    Conservative vs. Liberal, easy choice = Conservative. Democrats did and do continue to denounce God and accept contributions from George Sours and other billionaires who seek to impose there vision of social engineering.

  • Mark

    Goodbye Carpetbagger. If you wanted to represent West Virginia, then you should have run for a state office. You just want to go home to DC as an elected official.

    You have NO CHANCE of being elected in my state. None.

  • David

    The choice doesn't get any simpler. If you want Reid and Pelosi in charge and you want the war on coal to continue and be forced to sign up for Obamacare, then vote for the Democrat. Otherwise, Mooney is the clear choice for WV.

    • ME

      that about sums it up , Manchin broke down like a two dollar whore when he arrived in Washington

  • SCR

    True conservative....who always fought for the same values, good on taxes, good on 2nd ammendment and lifelong pro life. These are WV values. Welcome fighter!

  • Jason412

    It's not his very recent relocation that bothers me as much as the 97% of campaign contributions coming from out of state, no thanks. He raised almost 5 times as much money in Boston, LA, and Miami as he did in WV, and that's not even mentioning the DC and Baltimore money.

  • arp

    Mooney will win and he will be a good representative for the 2nd District. How can Democrats gripe about him being from Maryland, when they elected and re-elected worthless Jay Rockefeller from New York on many occasions?

    • Krieg

      Exactly right

    • Democrat

      hahaha this is a joke right? This guy is no Jay Rockefeller.

      • hondo

        thank goodness, he's no Jay Bird; we couldn't stand more of that.

      • Jonus Grumby

        I wouldn't give you 2 cents for both of them.

  • Gary Karstens

    Mr. Mooney,

    Your style of politics is not wanted here. You only moved here to run for office. You will be defeated by a noble opponent in Mr. Casey. I lived in your district in MD. You are a radical conservative. Please prepare yourself for a fight against a man who has statesman qualities. There are a lot of progressives out there who do not want you even sniffing this office. I will do my part to contribute my experience with you. You were not supportive of education or teachers. You are not supportive of other people that are not like you.....homosexuals, people of color, liberals, etc.

    I plan to do my part to defeat you. I am soooooo familiar with you. Be prepared!!!!

    Gary Karstens

    • Wirerowe

      Mr karstens. You have so frightened and talked bad about Mr. mooney that he may pull out of the race due to sheer humiliation. I think that the part that will really scare him off is when you say he is not supportive of liberals. doh!

  • Democrat

    Thank you for running!

    • Another Democrat

      Unfortunately, you're no Shelly Moore Capito. You won't get my vote.

      • Democrat

        I hope you didn't misunderstand. That seat will go back to a Democrat now. I appreciate him running to make that happen! Capito is going into retirement this year too.

        • Jonus Grumby

          Nope. Not even close.