CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charleston police have made three arrests in connection with a powerful explosion that blew up a mailbox in one of the city’s neighborhoods last Saturday morning.

Detectives said three juveniles in all have been charged with felonies, criminal use of a destructive device, after the blast on Louden Heights Road.

The homeowner’s video surveillance equipment recorded the crime, which was later posted on YouTube.

Police said the boys could have faced federal charges but because of their ages they were charged under state law. Investigators said they believe the boys chose the victim at random. They were looking for a plastic mailbox.

The explosives are illegal in West Virginia. Police believe they were purchased out of state.

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  • Gizmo

    Setup? Yes, the homeowner invited them to blow up his mailbox by strategically placing it along the road.
    Punks. But it will only result in a hand slap.

  • The Truth

    The fact that this was a night vision/infared camera, and the video was moving like being hand held (instead of stationary like a fixed camera) tells me the videographer was expecting this to happen .... perhaps even a set up

  • Gary Karstens

    This is a poor choice by very young men. They need to learn they made a poor choice. They don't need to be sent to prison. They need rehabilitation for this so that they can move on and not make choices like this again. They can learn from this and be productive. Be progressive in your talks. YEESH!

    • Evan

      These "very young men" were plenty old enough to know how stupid their actions were, as well as the consequences they could face. Every action has consequences. I did a lot of stupid stuff as a kid myself, and every time I got caught doing something stupid--I paid a price based on how poor my choice was. Since they were dabbling in explosives/incendiaries, I'd say they are much more likely to pay a higher price.

      Accountability comes before any sort of rehabilitation. They need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of State Law first and foremost, and then you can start talking about rehabbing their stupidity. As they have been charged with felonies, the possibility of incarceration is quite real. If the court decides that their punishment should include some time locked up--so be it!!! Maybe it'll deter further dangerous acts like this by others. They are lucky that they were not hurt, nor was anyone else.


    that's it slap them on their little handies then when they turn 18 they will be blowing up schools & hospitals!!!

  • DWL

    What? Was the federal prosecutor overwhelmed with the case load of crooked politicians? Charge the little sh--s as adults with everything you can throw at them, and then sue mommy and daddy. These are terrorists and need to be locked away for years.