CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Earl Ray Tomblin appointed the Mingo County Family Court judge Tuesday to be the next Mingo County circuit judge.

Judge Miki Thompson, who won last week’s Democratic Party primary for the circuit judge’s seat, will now fill the vacancy created last year when Mingo County Circuit Judge Michael Thornsbury lost his seat on the bench after pleading guilty to a federal criminal charge.

Instead of appointing someone right away, Tomblin waited for Mingo County residents to decide on Election Day. They chose Thompson, who is unopposed in the general election. Now she’ll serve until that time. A win in November will allow her to fill the rest of Thornsbury’s term.

“Miki has a track record of working for West Virginia families during her time as a Family Court Judge for the 8th Circuit,” Gov. Tomblin said in a news release. “I believe she will continue her commitment to serving the people and the families of Mingo County well in her new role as Circuit Judge.”

The governor also appointed Lewisburg attorney Robert Richardson as circuit judge in Greenbrier and Pocahontas counties. He replaces Judge Joseph C. Pomponio Jr., who retired.

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  • Seenitall

    she loves to give bond after a person breaks bond on a bond that was already broken. i have never heard of such an ill decision, and if that is a law then it sure needs to be fixed fast before bad things happen to good people. one example in general is over 50 calls to 911.......

  • Seenitall

    it is not over yet. do your job the way it suppose to be done. if i didn't do my job i would be fired. we all put our pants on 1 leg at a time or if in a hurry both at once.

  • Guardian

    The residents of Mingo county have again made the mistake of marching in lockstep with the party line - democrat party, that is. Dear God, what does it take for them to wake up down there? All of the years and years of political corruption and yet for a critical post like circuit judge, and Ms. Thompson is running unopposed in November?

    Einstein was right - it is insanity to continue to do the same thing over and over, yet blissfully expect a different result.

  • DWL

    Has she been sized for her orange jump suit? She'll be no different than any other Mingo m0r0n politician of (d), democrat, socialist, leftist, liberal faith.

  • Frank G Tsutras

    Congratulations and best wishes to Miki Thompson for her appointment as Circuit Judge and thank you Governor Earl Ray Tomblin for your decision to respond to voters in Mingo County/
    Miki, may your tenure be honorable and positive.
    Frank & Helen Tsutas, 6264 Glenwilton Lane, Williamsburg, VA. (Hometown Williamson, Mingo County).

    • Really

      Figures someone from Mingo County would post their address