MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Seeking to add offensive punch after the transfers of Eron Harris and Terry Henderson, West Virginia dipped into the junior college ranks for a late addition to the 2014 class.

Jaysean Paige, a 6-foot-2 guard who ranked 13th nationally among juco scorers at 21.4 points per game last season, signed with the Mountaineers on Tuesday.

Moberly (Mo.) Area Community College guard Jaysean Paige was the nation’s 13th-leading juco scorer last season at 21.4 points per game.

The Moberly (Mo.) Area Community College sophomore had signed with Southern Miss before asking out of his LOI when coach Donnie Tyndall left for Tennessee. There was speculation Paige might follow Tyndall to Knoxville, but he wound up choosing WVU over Marshall, Middle Tennessee State, Western Kentucky and UTEP.

“Jaysean is a big key for us to continue to increase our athleticism in the backcourt,” Mountaineers coach Bob Huggins said. “He is capable of playing the one and the two guard positions. He gives us another player to put pressure on the rim and another perimeter option with his 44 percent shooting from 3-point range at Moberly.

“Jaysean gives us another guy who is very adept to guarding the ball, which should ultimately help us to apply pressure and create offense from our defense.”

Paige becomes the fourth guard—and second junior college player—to join West Virginia’s 2014 class. He joins Tarik Phillip of Independence (Mo.) Community College and high school signees Jevon Carter of Maywood, Ill., and Daxter Miles of Notre Dame (Mass) Prep.

WVU will mark Paige’s fifth school in five years, the kind of movement that might have been a red flag a decade ago but has become more common as players bounce from program to program.

He averaged his 27 points during his junior year of high school in Jamestown, N.Y., and led his team to a state runner-up finish. Paige transferred to Perry County (Ky.) Central High and averaged 21 points and 6.7 rebounds. as a high school senior.

Paige spent his college freshman season at the College of Southern Idaho, where he compiled 13.6 points, 4.4 rebounds, 2.1 steals and 1.9 assists per game. At Moberly last season, he improved his 3-point and free-throw percentages while topping the 30-point mark five times.

With rising senior forward Remi Dibo expected to turn pro overseas, Huggins might have another scholarship available, though the pickings for the current recruiting class are becoming slimmer by the day. It’s more likely WVU would add a one-and-done graduate transfer.

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  • Dave

    I really hope this guy works out. I have a question though....does anyone remember the last time a JUCO came in, started, and made an immediate positive impact?

  • Dave

    I think the fifth school in five years is a little unfair. Two of those schools were high schools. Did anyone ask if his parents moved? Were there problems at home that forced him to move to Kentucky?

    As for the two Juco schools, Idaho, seriously? I bet he spent one winter there and said he was getting out of there quick even if it is MO.

  • Funny Tho

    Five schools in five years? Is he running from the law? Now that really defines a Huggins recruit. What does his rap sheet look like?

    • Jamestown

      He's ability t o hoop is amazing....jaysean had gift that many wish they had...jaysean Jamestown ny can't wait to see you play.


    Nice Job Huggins, and this kids wants to be here sounds like a good apple... Great to have him aboard. I can't wait to see this kid light t up.

    Let's Goooooooooo!!! Mountaineeeeeeers!!!

  • jay zoom

    looks to me like there is something under the rug we haven't seen yet. and huggins is still grasping straws. your last few words allan (ONE AND DONE) transfer He will fit right in with one and done huggins. If anyone only has one year of elgibility left it will take him that long to learn the system as huggins has said in the past. so in other words he is useless to us also some of the other colleges that were interested in could be a sign NO MAJOR ONES. THANKS OLLIE

  • william

    Fact -
    'Sweatsuit' Huggins has been a BIG failure and embarrassment to the fans of WVU.

    • Aaron

      Facts require support. Where is yours?

  • mad hatter

    wow, we really competed against some big name BB schools to sign this guy.

    With this signing, it pretty much says the state of our present and future , is pretty much dim.
    Obivously, Higgins and grasping at straws, and pretty much will sign anyone who will come to wvu>
    We do have to consider what baggage he brings,, warrents, jail time, academics , eligib ility, etc,, we've see ab out everything with higgins and his recruits.
    What a sad state wvu bb is in and it happened bascially over the last three yrs..
    Let's sign higgins up for twenty more yrs and give him a huge raise,,, JOB will done, bubby.

    • Aaron

      I'm curious, I've read nothing about this young man. What other than he was recruited by a gentleman you despise yet afraid of is there to confirm any of the claims you made above?

  • jsw

    Also.....what how ballot first time. Wvu?

    ahhhh what?

  • WV Man

    Lotsa tattoos, out to blend right in with the rest of the recent recruits--how much baggage, Huggs?

    • Shadow

      Tattoos, have you checked your neighbors? It is a WV Thing also.

  • john

    Also.....what how ballot first time. Wvu? That's the only one he may deserve

  • john

    Wow you know me huh? Don't drink so not a drunk here. You on the other hand. I hope it is alcohol and just stupidity that causes your ignorance

  • Wvufanatic

    All of the traders complain about Huggins your really going to look smart when he leaves and is inducted into the HOF the first year he comes up ! But I guess he is overrated right?

    • william

      Fact -
      'Sweatsuit' Huggins has been a BIG failure and embarrassment to the fans of WVU.

  • Jay

    Two more... Well what do we have here JC attempts to fill the roster so Hyggs can have a full practice.
    Our major programs have fallen so far.
    Hope I'm wrong!

    • wenkev

      You are.

  • L77

    Four recruits, all under 6'3, played high school ball or Div 2 last year and perhaps on a competitive level that will in no way match the B12. What genius is recruiting for the level we are expected to play?

    • squad

      that's right no other B12 players played in
      HIGH SCHOOL last year, did they? no I think generally about half (50%) of the BEST players in college each year played last year in high school..
      where do these ideas come from? no we are not Duke here

  • john

    You fans are a joke. 5 schools in 5 years. Problem child!!! As far as someone mentioned top 20? Hahaha maybe not top 8 in the Lil 8 this year. Won't be any good until you run the over rated drunk Huggins out of town

    • Shadow

      Sometimes it is difficult to tell ambition from problems maker. From his improvement in points scored, I would choose ambition as his motivator.

    • eric

      john is probably the drunk. drunk or stupid for his comment. hey john, what's it like to wake up every day and be the second most perfect person this world has ever known? who's the joke? you are !!