WASHINGTON, D.C. — FEMA says ‘no’ again.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has turned down Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin’s appeal for a major disaster declaration following the Jan. 9 chemical spill on the Elk River in Charleston and the water emergency that followed.

(Read FEMA rejection letter here)

In a letter to Tomblin, FEMA administrator Craig Fugate said the agency once again reviewed the information from West Virginia following the governor’s latest appeal and still believes what happened with the spill of Crude MCHM and the water contamination in parts of nine counties was not a major disaster.

FEMA previously agreed to provide other kinds of assistance to the state. For example, government entities are being reimbursed for the money they spent in response to the emergency. Fugate said that’s “sufficient to meet the needs of the event.”

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  • Brian

    3000 dead at ground zero - FEMA there
    90,0000 customers with no readily available potable water - FEMA absent
    In an era of number crunching, Obama's FEMA just doesn't add up.

  • thornton

    You can't turn off a tornado...you can turn off a water plant.

  • THP

    If you want to see a major disaster, take a look at videos of towns that have been hit by tornadoes or floods. Our so-called 'disaster' pales in comparison.

  • rick

    This event does not meet the major declaration criteria. No need for a big handout for the State.

  • NCWV

    Can somebody tell me what the rainy day fund is for if not for situations like this one or the harsh winter we had? Why do our representatives make big promises to help state residents, then look to the feds to pay for it?

    • Roger

      More and more of our residents expect the feds (tax payers) to pay for everything...... why should the representatives of those residents be any different?

    • Tom

      I agree. Let's take care of our own problems. We sometimes sound like a bunch of 'crybabies'.