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Greg Glick, Jamey Thompson, Guy Miller, and Michael Williams all admitted to a scheme to burn a Logan building to collect insurance money.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A former Logan city council member is headed to federal prison for a scheme with three other men which aimed to collect one million dollars in an insurance claim after burning down a Logan building.

Greg Glick received seven years and three months in prison Wednesday for his role in the scheme.  He pleaded guilty to four counts in an original 36 count indictment.

Glick was charged along with Logan insurance agent Jamey Thompson, Guy Miller, and Michael Williams with artificially inflating the value of the Avis, Witten,and Wandling Building in downtown Logan. Glick then took out the one Million dollar insurance policy and subsequently had the building burned.

Glick will also have to pay more than a million dollars in restitution as part of his sentence. U.S. District Judge Thomas Johnston rejected a variance on the sentence from the defense based on Glick’s threats to witnesses and offers of payment for hush money in the wake of the investigation.

Thompson is to be sentenced later today.  Miller and Williams face sentencing in U.S.District Court next week.

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  • buhbye

    I wish for them a miserable time in prison. Jamey and Greg are two of the biggest ego maniacs in Southern WV. Nice to see them being knocked down a few notches. I do feel sorry for the families and children. Jerks.

  • unknown

    micheal Williams does not only burn buildings but destroys womens lives with aids .

  • 1smartone

    Fair or not....You posters do realize he is only going to Club Fed (Minimum Security Prison)?

  • Old Logan Resident

    I grew up in Logan. Went to school with Little Glick and his big brother. I see Glick's still a pretty-boy. That won't serve him well where he's going :-)

  • thornton

    Glick is the only one with his eyes cast down.....prison will cure that trait!

  • DWL

    Can he and the others get "democratic absentee ballots" while they are vacationing at club fed?

    • Susan

      I say let's just go ahead and vote him back in as City Council. It is Logan after all.

    • WV77Steve

      Vote early...vote often!