MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Miami cornerback Sheldrick Redwine, committed to West Virginia for the past two months, announced Wednesday he was re-opening his recruitment. of the Rivals network reported the three-star cornerback’s decommitment, which comes in the wake of major programs showing a stronger interest. Redwine stressed, however, that he is still considering the Mountaineers, whose 2015 class now stands at 10 commitments.

“WVU remains heavily involved, and Redwine still plans to take an official visit to Morgantown,” said Rivals writer Keenan Cummings.

When the 6-foot-2 Redwine committed to West Virginia in early March he held offers from Cincinnati, Marshall, UAB, Temple, Appalachian State, Charlotte and Western Michigan. He has since added offers from Pitt and UCF, while SEC programs are stepping up their pursuit.

“He’s a legitimately good player,” Cummings said. “He’s starting to blow up and he’s getting a lot of attention. More schools are starting to see his film and they’re impressed, because he’s a big, talented corner.

“LSU, Ole Miss and other SEC schools are on him and have told them they’re going to offer.”

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  • Silas Lynch

    What is his GPA?

  • Big Larry

    And so it begins...

  • whatamoroon

    All this "star" stuff is subjective. I'll STILL take a three star kid with a good attitude and work ethic over a five star locker room cancer who thinks he's already a pro.

  • mad hatter

    regretfully, we are going to lose more commits, as the recruiting season gears up.

    WVU is not a destination for the four star recruits, we really have to teach them up as freshmen and sophs. and hope the stay around for the jr. and sr. yrs.
    I just think we we struggle once again to win 6 games, this fall, and believe we are still two yrs. away from being competitive.. Sorry sports fans,but we may be 2 and 3 deep but the quality is just not there.

    • J the C

      why don't you just kill yourself, you worthless excuse for a fan.

  • JBinWV

    Amazing how caught up fans have become in the decisions of 15-16-17 year old kids, who hardly know what they're doing five minutes from now, much less a few years from now and where they want to go to college. A kid "decommits" and the naysayers come out of the woodwork about how awful our coaches and program are, the AD sucks and we're never going to compete with "the big boys".

    • jeco

      KIDS!!!!!!!! I believe the university of Maryland had 5 KIDS transfer from their basketball team.

      • Ole Sasquatch

        I can verify that, it was announced on sports just the other day. Their going to the Big Ten.
        We may as well weed them out too. Mountaineers have always lived on spirit. As far as spirit on our team, I like Watkins & Adrain for our future.

  • kenny d.

    How can a Wv sticker? my sticker on my bathroom cabinet/mirror is about 22 yrs. old. kenny d. fredericksburg tx. born in ripley 1939. OUCH!!!!!!!!!

    • TheEricSmith

      Kenny!!! I grew up in Fredericksburg TX. Lived on Zeder Strauss, my parents were responsible for naming the road, and spent loads of time a Lady Bird as a child.

  • Rick55

    Truly these verbal commitments are meaningless when children have the freedom to endlessly committ and recommit and decommit. And I agree that if I were a child I would do the same thing for the very reasons that Jasper mentions (unless of course Alabama or LSU wants you). If the NCAA were anything but a $ organization, they would allow unlimited visits but no commitments until the decision is made.

    We are way more recognized and competitive than Protechcpa gives us credit for. The fact that someone will occasionally call us Virginia or doesn't recognize us at all is more a reflection on their ignorance than anything else.

    • cutty77

      Well said. I said this a month ago,and a few people got on me for saying it.The first wednesday in Feb, is all that matters to me.The Kids like this Kid that do all the talking most times never pan out.

      • farm kid

        I had this kid pegged from the beginning. WVU were the only school to offer at that time. the big schools will string this kid out, if the guy in front of him signs good bye redwine. Alabama did this to the kid from Alliquippi penna. a guy from N J was ahead of him, when bama did not sign him bama went after the penna kid.

      • Hailey

        Great job cutty ...very proud of you

  • David

    I think the kids (and they are kids) should enjoy the ride. Go on all the trips they can, enjoy the food, the nighlife (the women) and all that goes with being a top prospect. Make your decision and then stick by it.

    Good luck and have fun!

  • Jay

    Verbal "commitments" are insanely stupid. Let the kids take their time - all the way to February - before accepting a "commitment."

  • Pat

    It happens. Good luck wherever you end up! Get your degree, and have a great college experience.

  • Protechcpa

    As I have stated before, WVU will NEVER compete head to head with the big boys. In a good year, we are middle of the road at best. We still are referred to as Virginia occasionally. Not a true national program, never will be. We have to consider ourselves fortunate if ANY player who is rated at all comes to WVU. If God gives you lemons, make lemonade. That should be our motto.

    • Grae

      Are you even a fan? If you have something so negative to say why would you even say it? WVU is a great program with a bunch of great wins and players and seasons. We have the high BCS winning percentage of any team and Morgantown is doing great. We can and do get good players.

    • J the C

      jerk. drop dead!

    • Alpha Female

      I bet we could compete if we went toe-to-toe with them. Hell, we could go arm pit-to-arm pit with them I still kick their ass! Think about...we WV girls like a good spanking upon occasion so why not go ass-to-ass with them? Win or lose, either way, we win!

      • Beaver Sniffer

        What time you get off?

    • Beaver Sniffer

      Milk, milk, lemonade;
      around the corner where the fudge is made!

    • Mitch

      @ Protechcpa,

      "WVU will compete head-to-head with the big boys"

      Shelton Gibson, Geno Smith, Tavon Austin and Dravon Henry, all say hello.

      • Mitch

        "never compete"

      • Hmm

        4-4 stars...

        Of course they have been and in gibson/Henry's cases, may be great collegiate players. I believe his point is that WVU may get one or two 4 stars a year, but what does that really say when looking at the SEC/ACC schools pulling in dozens of 4 & 5 star kids per class? That isn't competing, that's getting the top tier passovers IMO.

    • Aaron

      He says NEVER thus NEVER it is.


      N E V E R

      • mad hatter

        I see your vocabulary continues to be your sore spot.

    • FNP

      The last time i checked, we have one 3 BCS bowls. There are a lot of so called "top tier" teams who have never done that.

    • Pat

      Interesting Protechcpa - I've traveled the country and have observed WV stickers on cars, and people wearing WV hats or jerseys in every state I've been. Including Alaska and Hawaii. I've seen the WV in England, Germany, Thailand, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Guam, even Wake Island believe it or not. I think WV is pretty well recognized.

      • Debra

        I travel quite a bit also and I too have seen WVU stuff in Alaska and Hawaii. I always wear my WV hoodie when I fly and always garner attention. People say i went there, or family member went there. All my family are either in the military, or military contractors and find WV stuff all over the world!!!

        • Rock solid

          @Pat: You see there is the problem and you don't even recognize it. MOST of the people who needed to earn a good living and had a chance for success HAD to leave WVa for any opportunity to have a career. That is why you see so many West Virginians everywhere except WVa. Remember in a recent study on math and reading skills our educational system was LAST in the nation. Another poll on quality of life, WVa was LAST in the nation. Heck we used ro at least beat Mississippi, now the state has sunk to dead last and is still flushing down the toilet as we speak. Look at the people on the street, not very impressive in dress, conversation, or success in life when compared to anywhere else in the country. West Virginia, no industry, all losers in Charleston, who just want to feather their own nests, just as they have for generations. It is just sad how a 'used to be great state' has sunk to such a loser. Outside of Morgantown, Martinsburg, Beckley/Bluefield and maybe Charleston show me any prosparity in any parts of the state. All prosparity is along the borders. Everything else is whithering. How pathetic!

          • pat

            Rock solid - I thought we were talking about WVU football, and how well known the program is.

          • Uncle Moosey

            Speaking of education, I guess you failed English, which of course has affected your PROSPERITY in life....idiot.

          • ViennaGuy

            - MOST of the people who needed to earn a good living and had a chance for success HAD to leave WVa for any opportunity to have a career. -

            You're painting with an extremely broad brush. There is opportunity in this state if you are willing to look hard for it ... or if you are willing to create your own opportunities by working hard. I grant you that there is not the opportunity here that may exist in some other places, but it is here. I have found opportunity here, and others I know have found it as well, but it is not going to come knocking on the front door.

            With regard to those polls about "quality of life," they are useless beyond stirring up something for the press to talk about. Such polls are based on an arbitrary idea of what makes up a good place to live, and that idea varies from person to person. I for one have no interest in living in large cities, despite all of their attributes that many people would consider "essential to a good quality of life," and I have been in a lot of large cities over the years. Visit them? Sure! Live in them? No, not on your life. Give me a smaller place to live where people actually know and care about each other, even if it doesn't have all of those "quality of life attributes."

            Does West Virginia have its problems? Absolutely; no one would say otherwise. Can we do better? Yes! But we have to DEMAND better from our leaders at local, county, and state levels and hold them accountable for their actions before things will get better.

            As for your question about prosperity in the state, you can add the Parkersburg area to the list. This region has been doing pretty decent in spite of the lackluster economic recovery, there is ongoing commercial investment(not the least of which is the pending cracker plant), and Money magazine identified Parkersburg as one of the top 8 best shrinking places to live in the U.S. - and no other West Virginia cities made the list. So it's not all bad here. :-)

          • EasyMoney

            Must be from up North. Typical arrogance! They always try to dog Charleston like its some whole in the wall place. Charleston is still very prosperous and a fine place to live.

  • FNP

    I feel like you shouldn't be allowed to verbal a school unless you are in your last year of high school. I also think they should allow kids to start signing earlier than February. If a kid starts his senior year and he wants to sign on the dotted line then let him do it. And once you sign, you're locked in for atleast a year. This crap of signing and then asking for a release then signing then asking is getting old.

    • Ridgerunner

      What? It is what it is, a verbal. It's called freedom of speech, a four year old can do it. Can't take it away. They are not under contract so they can say it, tweet it, tattoo it on their backside, put it on a dang billboard! It don't mean Sh%$!

    • FungoJoe

      When did "verbal" become a verb??

    • Mitch

      @ FNP,

      He never signed.

    • uncle phil

      I agree and I think it should be more strict. Want to teach these lazy kids about real life? Start by teaching them what "commitment" means.

      Personally, I wish most of them would commit to learning how to read and write. It's embarrassing to see all of these NFL players who supposedly have college degrees, yet they can't put two proper sentences together when speaking.

      • Concerned

        So you're saying you haven't quit a job. Works both ways. Maybe schools should have to honor all scholarship offers as well.


    it's about the best fit for him, I would wish that would be WVU... but it's all about where he can grow to be the best he can be.

    Let's Goooooooooooo!!Mountaineeeeeeers!!!

  • John

    No recruit is safe until they sign on the dotted line. We are talking about 18 year old kids so its impossible to predict what will happen in 2 minutes let alone a year long commitment.

  • Jasper

    Well, I can't blame the kid for looking at other schools.

    This whole, "I am commiting to a school" crap before they are seniors is just a load of it!

    They are shopping themselves, I'll take this until I get a better offer, etc.

    NCAA needs to put it's foot down and say "NO VERBAL commitments allowed, until a player is in his senior year".

    That would then force the players to be honest to the schools they visit.

    Because, who wouldn't want to visit a school and get wined and dined by the alumni....I'd visit as many as I could unofficially, wink, wink....

    • Allen

      A lot of these early commits are just trying to see who else is interested. After an offer comes from a major conference team then those from big 5 conferences get interested real fast.

      I believe commitment should wait until they are seniors and to make a commitment they should have to sign an LOI immediately.

      • Chris1529

        I agree on signing a LOI.

        Maybe one of the SEC schools is offering him a nicer car.

        • Gomez

          Their car beats our mountain bike!

          • F&B

            Gomez, that there is funny! Well said! We should all keep a sense of humor when dealing with teenagers...