CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A Putnam County man is being held on a half-million dollars bail after being arrested in the death of his five-week-old son. 


Robert Jeremy Smith

Robert Jeremy Smith, 33, of Hurricane, is charged with child abuse causing death. Smith’s son, Madden, was found dead in the back seat of a car parked on Venable Ave. in Kanawha City community of Charleston Wednesday afternoon. Robert Smith was also there bleeding from the neck. Police believe he tried to take his own life.

It’s believed the boy was killed at Smith’s home in Hurricane.

The criminal complaint said the baby died Tuesday but Smith didn’t tell anyone for more than 27 hours because he was afraid of what might happen to him. The complaint also said Smith told investigators, “The baby is dead; I killed the baby.”

The boy suffered multiple skull fractured according to emergency personnel.

Hurricane Police and the West Virginia State Police spent much of Wednesday night waiting on a search warrant to enter the home on Shank Avenue in Hurricane. They obtained the warrant and began their investigation of the crime scene early Thursday morning, but it’s unknown if any evidence was found there.

Smith’s mother told reporters he young victim has a twin sister Madeline who is in the neo-natal intensive care unit at CAMC Women and Children’s Hospital. According to the family she was born with a severe birth defect and had to undergo emergency surgery soon after birth.

The mother also said Smith and his wife have been separated for about a month and it has been a stressful time for the family.

Smith had been previously charged with child neglect in a separate case.


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  • griff

    if the scumbag was so depressed & overwhelmed why didn't he take the baby to the nearest hospital & surrender it instead of killing it. Pretty sad when you can kill a DEFENSELESS 5 WEEK OLD but don't have enough GUTS to kill yourself. WV certainly needs to bring back the death penalty

  • jodi Chesleigh

    If it was an accident why would he wait 27 hours to get help. Too sad. The victim here is madden the baby not jeremy

  • Lish

    This is so sad. Prayers for the family... Including Jeremy. Every1 needs to quit jumping the gun until there has been a fair trial. There could b a jury needed for this and no1 needs to be biased. I feel for every1 involved. I think he was so overwhelmed with grief that he didn't kno what to do. He knew he was going to be accused of murder and was afraid... Wouldn't u? Even if it was an accident?? Babies are delicate and he was stressed from having another baby who was fighting for her life. I jus feel for everyone and my prayers are with them. I knew Jeremy, granted it was a few years ago, and I couldn't see him purposely killing his own child. Hang in there guys. :'(

  • jodi Chesleigh

    The mom of the babies is part of our family. This is such devastating news for all involved. I feel so awful for the mom of Madden. Love you Jen

  • Infuriated

    "Tried" to commit suicide? He didn't try hard enough. This waste of human skin doesn't deserve to be called "Daddy".

  • Don

    Of course, all of this would have been perfectly legal a few weeks ago since Abortion on demand is all the rage. Thanks Gov. Tomblin for keeping killing babies the norm!

    • Abram

      Don, I also find it strange that a liberal will show outrage at the stopping of a beating heart of a baby outside the womb but won't miss a beat in stopping a life inside the womb because of a perceived right to kill.

      • scott

        yeah...being born worked out great for this little guy huh?

        Do you have an opinion on this case or are liberals just worse than this guy?...have you ever had a point in your life?

      • Randy

        I think I find it most amazing that so many people go into an abortion without a heavy heart. Not I hate to have to do this, but looking at it like they were just having a mole removed.

    • Tom

      If you want your comments on here to carry any weight, stop making goofy statements.

    • Brian

      You're an idiot. No one will take you seriously with comments like the one posted. Remove the emotion and put some thought into it.

  • BR

    This may sound like ANOTHER "tale of woe" that our excuse-for-everything society has produced.

    And I bet some people are buying the "stress" angle.

    But you do realize (as has been reported) that this idiot has been arrested atleast twice/three times before for domestic violence and child endangerment charges.

    He also doesn't appear to grasp the concept of suicide judging by that tiny band-aide at the base of his neck. At least grow a pair pal and use a gun!!!!
    Save us all the hassle of paying for your three-squares and internet access for the next 25 years!!

    • David

      The news is now saying that he waiting 27 hours before going to Charleston after allegedly killing the baby. He deserves a worse fate than the baby ultimately received. The precious baby is now in a much better place than the rest of us.

  • Fred

    From WSAZ: Charleston Police say Smith had previously faced two separate child neglect charges, one in Putnam County and one in Kanawha County, and both were dismissed.

    Who dismissed these charges and why? Could this death have been prevented if those charges were allowed to stand?

    • jodi Chesleigh

      Agree 100%

    • Maxeer

      WV has the saddest and most pathetic legal system. Its a complete joke.

      • ViennaGuy

        If you think this is exclusive to WV, think again.

      • Kate

        Unless you write a bad check. Then you go to jail. Abuse your kids, and nothing happens.