CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Gov.  Earl Ray Tomblin said Thursday he didn’t want to cut funding to children and family programs in the new state budget but he had to draw the line somewhere.

The governor’s line-item veto decisions were overturned this week when members of the state legislature approved a funding bill that restored the cuts.

House and Senate members did so by taking the money out of the Licensed Racetrack Regular Purse Fund. Tomblin said he doesn’t have a problem with the funding source.

“As far as the main programs, if the bill is in order, I’ll sign off on those,” Tomblin said.

He said he didn’t want to make the cuts in the first place, but finances forced him to make some difficult decisions.

“The thing we don’t want to do is during this period of tight budgets is to saddle future generations with debt,” he explained.

That’s why Tomblin said he had to make cuts, not just to these programs, but all across the board.

“It’s very easy to say, ‘Well, it’s just another $5-million or $1-million.’ Those things add up down the road and our people have to pay for it,” explained Tomblin.

Dozens of people rallied at the state Capitol Tuesday demanding at least $750,000 be put back into their budgets for domestic violence and children programs. Lawmakers heard the lobby loud and clear.

Tomblin said Thursday he had no problem with the legislature dipping into a fund that wasn’t paid for by taxpayer dollars.

“I was pleased we were able to continue the programs and continue the services to the families and children of West Virginia.”

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  • sam

    cut the meat at the top of state government. the commish of transportation makes more than the governor...

  • Gary Z

    Taking money from gambling pay-outs at the racetracks to support Children and Families programs. Good work! Congrats to the grassroots groups that made enuf of a stink that the governor and legislature put the money back in and saved 80 jobs!

  • Jason R.

    I think Tomblin should veto the whole bill. It sounds too unconstitutional.

  • Abram

    If the liberals get their way, the need to fund children programs will be less and less each year. The infants are currently fighting for life as it is just to enter this world. No more murder out of convenience.

    • A Liberal

      What? You make no sense. You think liberals want to defund children's programs? Not hardly! I think you mean if the Tea Baggers get their way, then there would be no gov't programs for children. Republicans want to make sure babies are born, but after that you are on your own!

  • susanf1218

    The cowards in Charleston caved to political pressure - BIG surprise!! But how fitting that the funding for the continuation of these programs is coming from the racing industry, which, if I'm not mistaken,the Tomblin family is involved with. But I also think that the need for and usefulness of some of these programs is questionable and that there is a definite duplication of services. Too bad our genius legislators didn't require a thorough audit and review of these programs and make reinstatement of funding contingent upon them being able to prove their worth!

  • Brian

    At least Tomblin tried. Only government and the programs it funds can get a raise and more money with a pen - the rest of the world has to work more or learn to live within its budget. I'd like prime rib for dinner 3 days a week but I don't have a legislators pen to make the money appear.

    • Advocate4Kids

      Worth? These programs provide vital services to a range of families and children. Most actually provide a return in investment through prevention--there are audits, research and experts who say so.

      Caving? Sounds like the people spoke and the legislative process worked. Again.

      This is not prime rib people, it's hardly a ham sandwich. Alternatively, government funded incentives for the Biltmore-now that's prime rib.