SCOTT DEPOT, W.Va. — A man wanted for several hit and run accidents in Putnam County is facing more serious charges after refusing to give up for police. Ricky Reynolds, 56, of Scott Depot fled a deputy who attempted to pull him over around 7 p.m. Wednesday. The chase ended at Reynolds’ home in the Rolling Hills subdivision in Scott Depot.

“He got to the residence, exited the vehicle and fled on foot,” said Putnam County Chief Deputy Eric Hayzlett. “He had a German Shepherd with him and issued commands to the dog to attack the officer, which the dog attempted to do.”

Hayzlett said the deputy retreated to his cruiser and Reynolds recalled the dog. He then barricaded himself inside the house and refused to come out despite numerous attempts by deputies to get him to give up.

“We made numerous attempts to contact him through loud speakers, telephone calls, family members made phone calls,” Hayzlett said. “We deployed tear gas and tried to sit back and wait. Even after that he wouldn’t respond to any of our commands.”

The State Police Special Response Team was called to the scene and used a robot to get a look inside the house. At one point, Reynolds came onto the porch with a pistol. State Police deployed more tear gas and Reynolds finally surrendered about 3:30 a.m.

“He had several serious self-inflicted lacerations to his wrists in an apparent attempt to commit suicide,” Hayzlett said.

Reynolds left the scene in an ambulance to CAMC Teays Valley for treatment.

Deputies are now looking further into the initial complains about Reynolds’ hit and runs. Hayzlett said the reports indicated he struck a building which housed a daycare center, hit a fence, and several cars. He got into a verbal altercation with the owner of one car he struck at a gas station.

“We have numerous reports of numerous hit and runs,” he said. “But he barricaded so fast we had all of our resources tied up.”

For now, Reynolds is charged with felony fleeing, obstruction, and assault of an officer but Hayzlett expected more charges to be filed in the next few days.

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  • DWL

    WHY? Why didn't they let the sob commit suicide? Why didn't they drop his bu** when he came out on the porch with a pistol? Instead, now the taxpayers get to pay to stitch him up, nurse him back to health, then provide him 3 hots and a cot for several months while his court appointed shyster attorney petitions the court for a "tard" examination, 30 days in the "tard" motel, then back to the regional hotel for more court antics. By the time he's tried he will have cost us almost 3/4 of a mil.. It would have been cheaper to just shot his bu** and pay a 1/2 mil settlement in the civil suit his s c u m sucking societal leeching family would file.

    • What happened to simple compassion for human beings?

      So even though he didn't kill anyone or hurt anyone but himself, they should have taken this man's life? Did it ever occur to you that maybe this man is mentally ill and unable to obtain the help that he needs? And how do you know anything about his family? What if this was your father or brother? Have a little bit more compassion before you start spouting off ignorant nonsense while hiding behind a computer screen.

    • Not the judge, jury or execitioner!

      So how do you know so much about his family? Why have any justice system when you have all the answers.

  • brooke

    Don't throw stones, log driver!

  • Old Log Driver

    Wonder how the dogs made out? Damned idiot.