CLARKSBURG, W. Va. — Known for their baked breads, including famous pepperoni rolls, Tomaro’s Italian bakery in the Glen Elk district of Clarksburg has now been in business for 100 years.

It has remained a family business.

“My great grandfather Antonio Carmen Tomaro started the bakery in 1914 and it’s been passed through the family,” said John Brunett, one of Tomaro’s three current owners. “We’re the fourth generation of owners of the bakery.”

John co-owns the bakery along with Janice, his mother, and Marisa, his sister.

When asked what part of the business is the biggest source of pride, Brunett responded with the history and dedication to baking only the best.

“My grandfather is one of the originators of the pepperoni roll,” he said. “We are the oldest Italian bakery in West Virginia that has never strayed in quality. We have never sacrificed quality, ever.”

Through the years, the recipe has remained the same and successful. However, they are constantly looking for new ideas. One such idea was unveiled for Friday’s anniversary celebration.

“We did six, 7-foot pepperoni rolls,” Steve Schartiger, Tomaro’s general manager said. “We documented that and this will go in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest pepperoni roll.”

The anniversary celebration also included music, giveaways and a birthday cake.

Brunett said they wanted to do something to say thank you to those who have helped them along throughout the years.

“We have great employees, we could have done it without them,” he said. “It’s just a thank you to West Virginia and our patrons for supporting us for the last 100 years.”

The family said it is looking forward to continuing to provide baked good their customers with the same philosophy which has served them for a century.

“A lot of hard work and never stray from quality,” Brunett said. “I think high-quality products will keep you in business.”

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  • sandi

    Umm. Please insert "not" in this sentence: “We have great employees, we could have done it without them,” he said.

  • A Thomas

    Absolutely the BEST pepperoni ROLLS in state
    just don't go on Tuesday's

  • CarolinaBlue

    Very nice story. One of the things I miss about West Virginia is the food and the nice people. No such thing as a pepperoni roll or pizza bread in NC.

  • Chef Camille

    Booth Goodwin was supposed to go one day but found out the owners were of Italian descent.

  • Curly Joe

    What a rare and uplifting story! You have served your great grandfather, your family, and your devoted customers very well!
    I love this!