OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — Outside of winning four games in the next three days, West Virginia figures to be in high-anxiety mode when the NCAA regional field is announced Monday.


TCU coach Jim Schlossnagle said West Virginia belongs in the NCAA field regardless of what happens at the Big 12 tournament.

That rankles TCU coach Jim Schlossnagle.

“They’ve earned the right to be in the NCAA tournament, regardless of what happens in this tournament,” he said. “I kind of take it personally that anyone would even consider that they aren’t worthy.”

On Thursday night Schlossnagle’s team beat the Mountaineers for a fourth straight time, 6-2, a loss that dropped WVU (28-25) into the Big 12 elimination bracket and clouded its postseason hopes.

Only Schlossnagle didn’t think there should be anything cloudy about West Virginia’s resumé. He viewed an RPI that began the day at 28 (and fell to 31 after the TCU loss) as ample justification the Mountaineers belong in the NCAAs.

“I still think they’re going to get in,” he said. “In my mind, they’ve already earned their way in.”

Of course, there’s nothing unusual about coaches advocating for their conference peers, and Schlossnagle’s longstanding friendship with West Virginia’s Randy Mazey further colors his thinking, no doubt. Yet the TCU coach seemed concerned the Big 12’s perception may suffer from being only a 10-team league.

Schlossnagle said in other major conferences—specifically referencing the ACC and SEC—a sixth-place team like West Virginia sporting a top-30 RPI would be a shoo-in for the NCAA field.

The Mountaineers, who haven’t reached an NCAA regional since 1996, could erase all doubt by winning the Big 12 championship this weekend. That would require beating Baylor on Friday, winning two games over TCU on Saturday and then beating the survivor of Oklahoma State, Texas or Oklahoma in Sunday’s title game.

Whether or not WVU can pull off those four wins in 72 hours, Mazey said his team deserves a berth in the national field: “I think everybody out there thinks that we deserve to keep playing.”

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  • Kevin

    I agree, they have fought their way in this year. Schloss is a classy dude and will lead the frogs to the CWS again! WVU's time will come whether or not it is this year

    Go Frogs!

  • Rick55

    Easy to be magnanimous when you've pretty much whipped our tails all year.

    In the other hand, I can hardly disagree with his conclusion!

    • BR

      This is not football/basketball where playing in a tough conference means everything. It means something - but there are A LOT of good teams in D1 baseball not in the power 5!!
      Yes;..... the B12 is a very good conference in baseball. But, WVU didn't even come close to smelling .500 in it and barely over .500 overall - that makes you an pretty good team.
      Did you think those two (by my count) terrible 7-8 game "skids" during the season wouldn't hurt?

      I like Mazey and we do have a decent team, but next year win 30 and go over .500 in conference and leave out the doubt!!

  • John

    WVU should get in the NCAA tourney. They have played 75% of their games on the road and have competed vs. every opponent. Vs. the ACC, WVU is 6-1 so they are not shying away from good teams and should be rewarded with a bid. With their pitching and some timely hitting, the Mountaineers would be a tough out in any regional. I can't wait because in another year or two, WVU will be hosting a regional at their new stadium in Morgantown. The facilities will be there and with Coach Mazey leading the way, this is a very real possibility. I will be first in line for tickets when that happens.