MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Flames shot high into the air at midday Saturday near Mountaineer Field as fire destroyed the leasing office of the Chateau Royale Apartments.

The were no injuries reported but the fire gutted the building, which located close to Valley View Road not far from Milan Puskar Stadium. The apartments there house mostly WVU students.

Firefighters from Star City, Morgantown, Granville, Cassville and Cool Springs were on the scene. A large ladder truck was used for an aerial attack.

An investigation into what started the blaze is underway.

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  • Annd

    Now the owner is not returning tenants' security deposits. What a joke.

  • Matt

    Sounds like no apartments were damaged, just the leasing office. Probably was set on fire to destroy all the documentation that showed how many students they ripped off over the years. While at WVU I rented a single room trailer from them for 2 years. A few months into the lease, they evicted me from the trailer (to clear land for more apartments). Only after weeks of arguing did they agree to allow me to finish my lease in own of their 2- bedroom apartments but I was forced to share an apartment with guy I hardly knew and was forced to pay more per month that I was in the trailer. On top of that when I finished that lease I got hit with fees for "damages" to the trailer that was demolished. They backed down and waived the damage fees when I threatened to take legal action and go public over the “eviction” situation.

  • DWL

    What? No couches were debilitated in the production of this combustible event? MoHo is letting the nation down.

  • Kiddkornbred

    I thought the mountaineers lost yestetday

  • WVU '08

    Not surprised. I lived at Chateau in college over 5 years ago and thought it was shoddy construction. I guess I'm lucky I got out with just a flooded apartment.

  • northforkfisher

    My son has an apartment there for the fall semester. Hope everything is alright and nobody got hurt.