HARRISVILLE, W.Va. — A Ritchie County sheriff’s deputy is free on bond after being arrested Friday on felony charges.

Ritchie County Sheriff Bryan Backus announced Cpl. Jim Asbury had been charged with falsifying accounts after an investigation showed Asbury lied about the number of hours he had worked.

The sheriff said the arrest was disappointing.

“This is one of the worst events that can happen in either the deputy’s career or the administration’s,” Backus said in a news release.

The sheriff said the investigation is ongoing and additional charges could be filed.

Asbury posted $10,000 bond and was released. He was suspended with pay.

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  • Joe

    Because your innocent until proven guity in a court of law you idiot!

    • DWL

      Hey Joe, you been watchin' to much Perry Mason. His maintaining his job is only a civil requirement. For him to be fired only requires a preponderance of the evidence, way less than what is required for them to have gotten the criminal warrant to arrest him. Joe the idiot now!

    • Dr. Sarcasm


  • Mountaineer for Life

    We continue to be the most corrupt state in the union. Even when those who think they are above the law are caught red handed they are coddled like no others and then punished with slaps on the wrists. Unbelievable. Everyone in involved here within the circling of wagons needs to be fired as well. Enough of this BS!

  • northforkfisher

    If you have enough evidence to bring charges and set bail, then suspend him without pay. Then if he wins the case back pay him without interest.

  • FireHousePhilanthropistNOT

    This is nothing. Look at the one from Fayette County that embezzled nearly $400K from the Oak Hill Fire Dept.. He did minimal time and only ordered to pay back something like 10K in restitution. Not sure what the annual budget is for that city, but if they allocate 500 K annually, which is a fair number for a city that size, to the fire dept., and 400K disappears, where were the checks and balances? Too many unanswered questions remain there....

  • DWL

    Suspended "with pay"? If they have enough evidence to obtain a warrant and arrest him, as well as to set a $10K bond, why has he not been fired outright? So after he makes another $15K for doing nothing besides watching TV for 6 months, then they will fire him? The system is beyond broke!