BAGRAM, Afghanistan — A Marshall County native took a trip to Afghanistan with President Barack Obama ahead of Memorial Day.

Brad Paisley, a country singer who is originally from Glen Dale, boarded Air Force One for the surprise trip Sunday which was not announced until after President Obama landed at Bagram Airfield — the main U.S. base in Afghanistan.

Shortly before the show, Paisley tweeted the following on Twitter: “About to play a surprise concert for the troops in Afghanistan. God bless our military. Here we go.”

Paisley performed Sunday before President Obama spoke to some of the 32,000 U.S. military members still stationed in Afghanistan.

During the visit that lasted several hours, President Obama received an on-site briefing from U.S. commanders on the ground and visited wounded troops at a Bagram Air Base hospital.

The U.S. involvement in Afghanistan is scheduled to end before the close of the year.

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  • rick

    AAron...the protests for Irag stopped because the Pres brought our troops out of there.

    • DWL

      How's that CIA station chief job working out that the m0r0n's staff outed? EVERTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING the m0r0n touches turn to crap - O-CRAP!

  • Gary Karstens''

    Thank you to the greatest President of our lifetimes....President Barrack Obama. You can tell the troops were uplifted to see this man in person. Can you imagine their excitement?

    I get tired of people just calling him "Obama". The man has earned the titled is time is treated with the respect he has earned. It is President Obama.

    • Aaron

      I don't expect you to answer Gary because you're a tool but I would love it if one of the liberal posters could tell me why the war protest stopped when Obama took office, particularly given that his war policy is essentially Bush III and as Jason412 pointed out below, he's broken every promise made during the campaign.

      • Wirerowe

        Aaron move is a political operative arm of the Democratic Party. As you say the protests stopped after President Obama took office. Just as the ACLU 's concern and the liberal concerns about GITMO stopped after he was elected. He announced the closing which liberals demanded during Bush's term but they don't seem concerned now. There has been but a whimper out of ACLU regarding the policy decision by this administration. To kill American citizens deemed to be threats without due process. Which is as bad or worse than indefinite detention of the few foreign combatants not tied to a country that are still atGITMO. You will also notice that the Occupy Wall Street movement came to a screeching halt after the election. The only one that is out of the barn and out of their minds is Code Pink. I truly believe that they did not get the memo and take on whoever without regard for partisan ties.

        • Aaron

          What is truly sad is that Obama has been more of an aggressive President than GWB but no one mentions that fact either.

    • George

      Have you seen the latest polls ..have you seen the shape our Country is in.......Have you seen the price of gas? Have you seen the welfare rolls ? Have you seen our infrastructure?Have you seen our roads? Have you seen our loss of coal mining jobs? Have you seen the shape our veteran hospitals are in? Have you seen the shape our morality is in. Have you seen the despair across the Nation?.......Do I need to keep going"...???? I bet you're a liberal......

  • Jason412

    A real thank you from the President would be bringing those 32,000 soldiers home.

    I guess we can hope the next President will have the intelligence to actually do the things Obama campaigned on.

  • WV Worker

    Regardless of party lines, peoples ideas, this was for the TROOPS, away from loved ones. Don't spoil it by condemning the President and Paisley. THINK NOT OF YOURSELVES BUT THE TROOPS AWAY FROM HOME AND LOVES ONES. If we had no troops we would have no FREEDOM.

  • Wirerowe

    The white house's outing of the Afghan CIA station chief and the deplorable operations of some of the VA medical facilities are clouds over this day to honor our veterans that have gone on. But I appreciate the President who in my opinion is not a big fan of the military and Brad Paisley going over there to be with our troops. I would hope that we would all unconditionally honor all those that have died in service to our country and unconditionally support our living veterans and demand that the federal government provide health services that those in need deserve.

  • miki

    God Bless Brad taking time away from his family this weekend. My husband is serving there and grew up the next town over from him.

    • Ron - from Morgantown

      God bless your husband for his service in Afghanistan. Its been a long war that hasn't gotten much attention from the press or from Americans at large . Thank you husband on behalf of the great citizens of West Va for helping to keep America strong .

  • Harpers Ferry

    And I care because?

    • ASH

      Harpers Ferry, your comment says everything that is wrong with society today. No one cares about anyone but themselves. God forbid anyone (especially Americans) think of others first regardless of their politics or ethnicity.

  • Ron - from Morgantown

    Speaking of Paisley , a few years Oliver Luck moved a home game to DC ( James Madison ) and he promised the Chamber of Commerce a "big time concert " at Mountaineer Field to help offset the economic loss of a home football game in Morgantown . The rumor was that the concert was going to be Paisley . Well, we never got any concert - much less Paisley .

    • Harpers Ferry

      Probably because Brad Paisley sucks in concert. To be honest, he just sucks.

  • Ron - from Morgantown

    What a great story . Pres Obamas trip to Afghanistan is a great way to pay respect to our troops and show them how much we appreciate their service . Brad Paisley could have been anywhere this weekend and he chose to honor our troops with a concert - in Afghanistan -thats awesome. How can anyone complain about this patriotic act by both our Pres and Brad ? Not even Limbaugh can find fault with this visit .

    • Silas Lynch

      Chances are Ron, you with many others like you found plenty of fault with Bush when he spent Thanksgiving in Iraq with the troops. let's see, what were the outcries from so many the?-- "publicity stunt"- "campaign-stunt" why, many even criticized him for a taken photos with the troops with a fake, roasted turkey.--- Now, you wanna discuss President Bush's visit to an aircraft carrier where he simply thanked the returning crew for a job well done? You "bleeping" hypocrite!!

      • Jason412

        Mission Accomplished!

        • Aaron

          What was the mission?

  • Beagle Hound

    Brad Paisley = Natalie Tennent

    They are about the same caliper people. If you could buy them for what they are worth and sell them for what they think they are worth, you'd be very wealthy.

    • jss

      Beagle, if you could spell I would take your comment seriously. But you cannot, And I can not.

      • Silas Lynch

        JSS, go look up ad hominem and be embarrassed for yourself

  • wvu_93

    President visits troops whenever they are deployed. Brad Paisley didn't go as an Obama supporter he went as an entertainer for some very deserving people.

  • donutfiend77

    Not real big on Obama, but what a great gesture for our troops!

  • Dbl

    Wow DWL... Your thoughts on issues are scary ..... You're not a very happy person , are you ..

  • Dink

    Hey DWL..... Just move to another country where you can express your idiotic feelings so freely.

    • Silas Lynch

      Dink, why don't YOU move to another country and stop being a parasite on our National Treasures and a burden to us all...

    • Aaron

      What country allows more open criticism of our elected officials than the United States ?

  • DWL

    Flying with the m0r0n! That lowers my impression of Paisley. He'll never get another dime from me. It's interesting that the m0r0n is using the military, yet again, to deceive and shift the conversation from his liberal, socialist administration's mistreatment of Veterans this Memorial Day weekend. Reminds me of an aspirin factory that Slick Willie took out while indulging in a cigar with Monica. What's that on the blue dress again?

    • LDB

      You clearly suffer from a serious case of Fox brain rot. Not a big Obama fan. But, visits are good for our troops.

      • Wow

        Fox brain rot, really, why try to blame it on fox? You have to have a brain to have brain rot.

        • Silas Lynch

          Everything is Fox and Bush's fault

    • Grant

      I am not an Obama supporter at all. However, the President making a visit in a war zone to our troops on Memorial Day is a very big deal no matter who is President. Do I have respect for the man? Not really. But I do have respect for the office and our troops!

    • Mason County Contrarian

      So we are forced to conclude, DWL, that your support of our sons and daughters who stand in harm's way is conditional at best.

      Enjoy a safe Memorial Day, compliments of the U. S. armed forces.

      • Silas Lynch

        Mason County: that's a very complex "conclusion" you have there that someone's support for our troops would be conditional along political lines... My guess is you have first-hand experience in this very partisan thing... I'm sure you are familiar from the Bush years with the slogan: "We support the troops but not the President"--- of course you are, you've probably said it even more than John Kerry.

    • LC

      DWL: way to make it about YOUR political agenda today, instead of viewing it as a Memorial Day weekend salute to our troops. If you support our troops, be patriotic and show some respect for their boss, yes, the president.

      • Silas Lynch

        LC: what was the mantra of the Democrats and the left for much of Bush's 8 years? "WE SUPPORT THE TROOPS BUT NOT THE ADMINISTRATION"

        You people are such phonies you believe your own hypocrisy is justifiable.