FAIRMONT, W.Va. — A San Jose, California man now holds the title of “World Pepperoni Roll Eating Champion.” Matt “Megatoad” Stonie won the title on his 22nd birthday Saturday during the West Virginia Three Rivers Festival in Fairmont.

Stonie won $2,500 with the title by eating 31 pepperoni rolls from Country Club Bakery in ten minutes during the World Championship Pepperoni Roll Eating Contest.

Miki Sudo, 28, from Las Vegas, Nev. finished in second place by eating 26 pepperoni rolls in the same time period.

“This is one of the more enjoyable events because it’s more about technique and getting these down in a timely manner,” said Sudo. “It doesn’t really test our capacity so much as other events do just because bread can be hard take down fast.”

Sudo is currently ranked #4 in Major League Eating’s world of professional competitive eating, while Stonie is ranked #2.

According to Major League Eating — the sanctioning body — the record for pepperoni roll eating stands at 33 pepperoni rolls in ten minutes which Patrick Bertoletti set in Fairmont back in May 2012.

The West Virginia Three Rivers Festival wrapped up Saturday at Fairmont’s Palatine Park.

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    We need to have a moon pie eating contest...LOL

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      I like that idea, JJ....Lots of moon pies around.

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    Foo on these out-of-towners. A real eating contest for proper hillbillies would feature Little Debbie products.