VIENNA, W.Va. — The driver of a motorcycle is dead after sideswiping a truck in Wood County Friday evening during a police pursuit.

Officials identified the victim as Kendrick Leshaun Baker, 45, of Parkersburg, who was wanted in Parkersburg for allegedly driving on a suspended license.

State Police troopers began pursuing him on 36th Street in Parkersburg at about 6:40 p.m. Friday, but lost him.

A Wood County sheriff’s deputy picked up the chase on Rosemar Road in Vienna where the driver sideswiped an oncoming truck before the motorcycle crashed into a ditch.

No one else was hurt.

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  • cuzz

    Cuzzo. I love and miss you much. Despite the negative responses. We have all sinned and come short of the glory of god. God knows all and sees all even when one thinks he or she has gotten away with there strongholds. God bless... zone 15 rep....

  • Alpha

    I am the Mother of his 2 oldest Children and 2 Grandchildren. I am glad nobody else was hurt during this very tragic event. I pray that those of you with your disrespectful comments never have to console your children not only for the loss of their Father but to not "stumble" over such negative comments while seeking answers and closure to this tragedy. Thank you to those of you with such kind words! ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE!

    • cuzz

      Hey cuzz. God bless you and the children. I'm from cincinnati (zone 15). Never met u but hope too soon. Love you all....

  • Doug

    There are reports {RUMORS} that he was intentionally hit and ran off the road by the pursing Sheriffs Deputy. This has not been confirmed by our GREAT LOCAL news services..... If this is true, a simple pursuit does NOT warrant DEADLY FORCE by the Sheriff's department...... I listened to the entire pursuit on my police scanner from beginning to end. NOTHING was ever said that he was armed, dangerous, carrying drugs, or any other kind of behavior that was a threat to anyone else..... Our RELIABLE local NEWS {if you can call them that} stated only that his backpack contained drugs.... Was that his 1 gram of marijuana for his personal use?????????? PLEASE JOIN ME AND DEMAND AN INDEPENDENT {non police} INVESTIGATION..... let the truth be known!!!!!

    • Bob

      You can't be serious? You're going to post about a RUMOR? Who started this rumor, certainly wasn't anyone there other than him and the truck he hit, so why would you even spread this garbage?

      I hope this doesn't turn into a race thing since he was black. He endangered the lives of EVERYONE on the roads, he was driving on a suspended license (that's illegal), he resisted arrest, he ran from police, he was speeding, and he was caring drugs. Should the police have just left him alone? Don't spread rumors, it makes you look as dumb as the rumor sounds.

  • pburg

    So, he was driving illegally, caring drugs, and refusing to pull over, and the police are stupid?
    I'm curious if this is the black guy that's always speeding on his crotch rocket and driving on sidewalks?

    • me

      I think he lived on Dempsie n wore lots of rings

  • police state

    maybe a shooting a day for any offense heck why not a drone strike cant wait for any your loved ones catch hell fire missile

    • dua

      That's just sick to say I really hope Ur not really a cop

    • DWL

      Works for me! What's your address? Never mind. I'll get it from NSA and then get the m0r0n to target you with his drones.

  • The rest of the story

    It was in the Parkersburg news paper Sunday that not only did he have an outstanding warranty but a back pack full of drugs. What if it was your child he was on his way to sell those drugs too? Good job by Local law enforcement cleaning up our town. His death was self inflected.

    • Renee

      This man did bring about his own death, who knows what the outcome would've been otherwise. Most of the crimes in this state are drug related, many of the perpetrators having no regard for the life of others. Still, if God is going to be mentioned in comments, it would just, in my opinion, be best to call it tragic but be thankful for His hand in protecting the public and most certainly our Law enforcement during the chain of events yesterday.

  • Renee

    I am visiting in Vienna, I heard the high speed chase and within minutes, fire trucks, ambulance etc. How ridiculous to imply the motorist deserved to die. God have mercy on those who judge in such a cold, vicious manner. Obviously, the victim of the crash was careless, reckless, etc, however, this is someone's loved one. Perhaps he was speeding and thought he could outrun the police because he was young, under the influence etc. Since there are no further details at this time, not that this would make a difference, why don't some of you people just thank God it wasn't your loved one and pray for the family of the deceased. We never know when there could be a knock at our door to deliver tragic news, or when our time will come with death. When it does come, I doubt you'll be winking at God saying well I certainly did a great job on earth announcing your judgment calls! Woe unto you! How many idiotic things have you pulled off with God's grace protecting you?
    Thank you Lord that no harm came to anyone else as a result of this tragedy! Thank you for protecting law enforcement as well as other motorists and the citizens in this area. Your will be done. Please give Your comfort and peace to the family and loved ones left behind, and most of all, I pray this crash victim is standing in Your presence! Forgive the heartless & the brazenly disrespectful while they use you're Holy name to be cynical know-it-all's! May the ones left behind not stumble onto this site and see such heartless comments! In Jesus name, Amen!

    • L.Davis

      In Jesus Name, may his spirit rest with Our Lord and Savior!! "By the grace of God, there go I."

      • Renee


  • MOCO man

    Doesn't matter how minor the offense........he should have pulled over. One less idiot to deal with........

  • griff

    if he was innocent why did he run from the police???

  • knows

    stupid bastards on both sides

    • dua

      Yes Yes know one is safe asking as people act like this it's not even legal to pursue a bike in most states idk about w.v

  • knows

    that wasn't God's work that was the police "protecting the public". they sure protected the hell out of that guy. probably only minor issue anyway . stupid bast@#%#

    • mbigball

      Before yu judge know th contents of tht man's character you ignorant domicile b#%$h. Tht man has family too!!

  • northforkfisher

    At least he was killed and not some innocent person. I don't like hearing anyone died. Being pulled could not have been worse than dying.

  • DWL

    Ooops! Guess he shouldn't have fled the police in the first place. He won't do it again. Cause of Death - STUPIDITY on the part of the motorcyclist!

    • dua

      Anybody with common sense knows there's only one way to catch a bike with a car and that is to make them reck. And the cop should have known better. Even if the guy was a p.o.s drug dealer. P.s good riddens d-bag.

    • jeco

      Thank you DWL AKA GOD!

      • DWL

        GOD I am not, but GOD did rid the planet of another stupid person in this case. Jeco, check your ticket 'cause you may be next. You seem to be unable to recognize GOD's work.