CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Elected officials in Kanawha County are on their way to getting pay raises this summer. The county commission recently took advantage of a new state law opening the door for the increases.

Commission President Kent Carper said it’s been eight years since the last raise.

“Their salary is less than it was when they first ran for office,” Carper said. “The legislature saw that and gave them a raise that is probably less than three-quarters of a point (spread over) the last eight years.”

The new law allows for the raises if a county proves it can afford it and if the elected official asks for it. Carper said he would be surprised if any elected county officeholder turns it down.

“Let me point out, it’s been eight years,” he said.

The state Auditor’s Office recently certified that Kanawha County could afford to raise the salaries of the county commissioners, circuit clerk, county clerk, assessor , prosecutor and sheriff. The amount of the raise will be different for different officeholders.

Carper said the increases will kick-in July 1.

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  • Hack Attack

    "It's been eight years" is poor justification. I'd rather hear why they deserve a raise (they don't). Too bad regular joes can't just vote themselves a raise.

  • Brian

    While I think pay raises are needed for competent government employees who do the vast majority of work for the elected figureheads and their signatures that go on lots of paper, elected officials rarely lack for money even before their name goes on the ballot.

  • Jim

    Elected officals should be doing the job for free. Keep money off the table and maybe they would be more honest.

  • DWL

    They play - We pay!

  • Fred

    Nearly every county in W.Va.has an embezzler as an employee. It has been proven time and time again. This person is usually female, aged 40 - 65, and has been employed in the same position for at least ten years. Greed is at the root of the problem, it is helped along by nepotism and cronyism, and the act is easily concealed from county officials who rarely show up at their job and/or have poor administrative abilities.

  • The Answer

    Carper and the gang better make sure Plants gets his because he' s gonna need it...