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The old Staats Hospital building in the Elk City area of Charleston has been on the state's endangered buildings list.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — An agreement has been reached that supporters say will result in the renovation and future use of the historic Staats Hospital building on Charleston’s West Side.

The agreement between the Bullock family, Charleston Urban Renewal Authority, Charleston Area Alliance, the state and a local bank will result in a $520,000 project to purchase the building and secure it by putting in new windows and replacing the roof.

Kanawha County Commissioner Dave Hardy said he anticipates the first floor to be ready for small retail and office space by November. He said renovation of the other floors could provide much-needed office space in the Elk City area of the West Side.

The Staats building has been listed as Charleston’s most endangered structures. It was built in 1932 and was the first building designed in West Virginia by an African American architect.

Commissioner Hardy said the deal includes $80,000 from the Bullock family, an $80,000 loan from CURA, a $155,000 loan from First Bank of Charleston, $15,000 from the Charleston Area Alliance and two state grants totaling $40,000.

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  • DWL

    The largest economic gain would be to let it become a "crack" house.

    • Aaron


  • Mountaineer 2014

    Tear it down and build new. Stop the Hysterical Society perpetuation of worthless buildings.

  • ViennaGuy

    I'm partial to preserving historic buildings whenever possible and practical. Many of Parkersburg's historic buildings have been demolished willy-nilly over the last 45 years in the name of "urban renewal" ... and in many cases, that "urban renewal" resulted in nothing more than a parking lot. (groan)

  • Aaron

    How much is this monstrosity going to cost taxpayers. Tear it down and replace it with something desirable.

    • Hillboy

      It would probably cost more than $520,000 just to tear it down, let alone build a "desirable" replacement. Demolition costs for tearing down any substantial building usually exceed one million.

    • Robert

      Your ignorance is blinding.

      • Aaron

        How so? Please expound on my ignorance.

    • Tom

      Like what?...A parking lot? A dog park? What?

      • Aaron

        Charleston is in need of Class A office space. Why not attach that to a state of the art parking garage.