ROANOKE, W.Va. — An elderly Lewis County man died in a hospital emergency room Monday evening after a traffic accident just off the Roanoke exit off Interstate 79.

Lewis County deputies said Richard Mccadden, 84, of Weston, was driving south on U.S. Route 19 when Timothy Blake, 18, of Lewis County, exited the interstate and slammed into Mccadden’s vehicle.

Deputies said Mccadden appeared to have suffered minor injuries but died in the emergency room of Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Blake suffered minor injuries.

Deputies said the cause of Mccadden’s death would determine if charges are filed against Blake.

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  • ???

    Sorry to say to grandaughter, word gets around in a small town. This kid is getting off with a misdemeanor charge. Small town friends!

    • RRD

      Tim Blake no drug or alcohol test run stop sign causes death on holiday graduations weekend.I don't get it must have friends in high places.Where are the witness?

  • Nicki

    Evidently after looking at pics taken it was more than a minor accident. Timothy Blake is the one who had minor to no injuries. Mr. McCadden's car was totaled as the engine blew up when it hit guard rail. I live in the area and drove past the accident scene and there were skid marks and a hole burnt into guard rail. The so called "old man" was not at fault. So are you saying because Tim Blake was a punk kid, but young, let the poor kid off. Is that what we of West Va are all about. Mr. McCadden suffered a severed heart and whatever else his grand daughter said happened. Tim Blake is still alive and driving about today. Mr. McCadden is dead. Hey Tim Blake should we just place your mom in the ground when she's 80something...because she's old?

  • Jennifer McCadden

    First off, thank you for your condolences. The 18 year old boy ran a stop sign and hit my grandfather hard enough to push him across 2 lanes and bend a guardrail in half. So, yes, he slammed into him. My grandfather felt fine at the scene, just scratched up and said his leg hurt. He actually went into cardiac arrest in route to the hospital due to a crushed heart valve (from the wreck) and never came back. So yes, this boy is 100% responsible and I hope he does have to own up to his actions. My grandfather was otherwise perfectly healthy and very happy.

  • Concerned LewisCountian

    Charges to be filed? What they talking about? The guy had a heart attack at the hospital. It was just a coincidence it happened the same day people! This punk kid clearly was showing off but isn't liable for this old mans death and has his whole life to live.

    Insurance on the other hand.....hahaha

    • Jennifer McCadden

      My grandfathers heart attack was caused from a crushed heart valve (due to the wreck). It's on the death cert.

  • jeff wisdom

    Once again, man survived the accident, did not survive the hospital. More people are killed every year by hospitals than are killed on the highway.

    • Jennifer McCadden

      My grandfathers heart attack was caused from a crushed heart valve (due to the wreck). It's on the death cert. he died en route to the hospital.

  • ViennaGuy

    My condolences to the McCadden family.

    I wonder if the 19-year-old failed to yield the right-of-way.

  • JS

    JM, I agree with your probable cause of his death. This article is not well written. The writer uses the word "slammed", but the victims had "minor" injuries. Hmmm, little misuse of the word "slammed" I believe.

  • JM

    First off, thoughts go out to the McCadden family.

    Duh, Cause of death?????? While I am sure that age and health of an 84 year old probably played a part in things........... But if he was hit driving down the road and then died at the hospital afterward, then it was complications caused by the wreck.