SUMMERSVILLE, W.Va. — A Nicholas County man died Sunday in a crash between side-by-side ATVs according to investigators with the Nicholas County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputies said Charles “Chad” Taylor, 28, of Dixie, was operating one ATV and Bradley Taylor was driving the other coming down a hill on Panther Mountain Road when Bradley Taylor’s machine rear-ended Chad Taylor’s causing it to roll over and land on top of Chad Taylor.

Chad Taylor was taken to Summersville Regional Medical Center where he later died.

Two passengers in the overturned ATV were injured.

The accident took place at about 4 p.m. Sunday. The investigation continues.

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    haven't seem any negative comments yet.

  • unkown

    Please have some respect for the family's and keep all negative comments to yourself.
    Thank you

  • Tammy

    What the news has failed to report is the story in it's entirety. There were approximately 30 people riding ATV's and all following in single file line, going downhill,on a path that was rutted out pretty bad, all were braking and Brad bumped Chad's ATV, not intentionally. It's not as if he was going fast or carelessly rear ending the other atv. He feels bad enough without the news not getting the whole story out there. My deepest sympathy to the The Taylor family for your loss. I am so sorry.

    • griff

      NOT carelessly rear-ending the other ATV? What else do you call it if the one behind you rear-ends the one in front??? Could brad not see well enough to know how close he was? If this happened on a highway I believe he could be charged with vehicular homicide. I wonder if any charges will be filed for this.

      • George

        And how do you know if his brakes went out or something to that affect happened accidents happen!!!

    • John

      Tammy, This accident was very unfortunate, but riding in single file, especially downhill, requires enough distance between the ATV's to where there is no danger of rear ending another. Very simple...following too close....but thats the way that many drivers on the highway do with regular vehicles. My condolences goes out to the family of the deceased.

  • wow

    seatbelt ?