SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Police in South Charleston said a man was shot Tuesday morning along Staunton Avenue.

South Charleston resident Lorrie Adams lives close to 241 Staunton and she told 58WCHS she heard seven shots at around 10:15 a.m.

“I had walked out onto the porch and I heard someone go– ‘Ugh!’ and then bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam,” Adams said.

Investigators said Jason Flester, of South Charleston, was shot twice and taken to a Charleston area hospital for treatment.

Adams called 911 after hearing someone groaning. She said she’s not surprised at what happened at that house.

“No they’re not quiet! They argue all the time. I call the police on them at least two times a year, it’s always something. We knew this was coming,” Adams said.

Police had police tape set up around both 241 and 243 Staunton. They were looking for 2008 Mercury Milan with West Virginia plates.

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  • BBD

    How come everytime I read the comments section and it has something to do with gun control all I hear is Dueling Banjos playing in my head?

    • Randy

      Sometimes when you want something so bad your mind can make you believe it's really happening. Purdy up that mouth so you can keep yourself in the game.

      • BBD

        Sorry, maybe that's your fantasy Randy, I was just saying you are gun loving hillbillies. Keep on killing. Yeeee hawwwww.

        • Randy

          Yeeee hawwwww is dangerously close to Yeesh! While you irked me, I'm nowhere close to thinking of you in the same category of Mr. Karstens.

        • Randy

          Just wondering if you are a West Virginian, and if so, does the fact that you aren't someone who supports gun rights(I assume), does that exempt you from being a hillbilly?

  • TruthHurts

    Must say, I saw it coming too. The man was worthless and it doesn't surprise me. Nothing good have come out of knowing him... If he would stop stealing from people, they wouldn't get pissed enough to shoot him...

  • Guardian

    The argument that people kill, not guns is valid - and in my opinion unassailable.

    But have you ever wondered why the liberals pursue gun control so diligently? Simple, if you have no guns, you have no means to resist the government should the government impose laws upon the populace that the populace will not support.

  • northforkfisher

    Everyone's point is, that people will kill. Biblical people killed with stones. Romans and Medieval people used swords, knives, and bows and arrows.
    So no matter the weapons, killers will kill with whatever is available. More laws does nothing but make harder for the honest people, especially paying for their enforcement.

    • J

      So in a nutshell your argument is, 'Well they did it too so it must be ok!!'

  • shepherd

    do some of you people think that spoons make people fat? give me a break

    • Randy

      Good point. That's like blaming recreational breath holding for 30 seconds for the type of brain damage Gary Karstens has from being a 6 to 7 minute pro.

  • william

    I never leave the house without my two buddies-
    Go ahead, make my day!

  • Brian

    Bookman 1, Gary Karstens 0

  • The bookman

    Gun violence is everywhere. Just Saturday a lone gunman entered a museum and shot three people, in Belgium. Gun ownership is highly restricted in Belgium, and ammunition is even further restricted. So make all the laws you want, and restrict access until you are content, but people kill people, and criminals do not follow the rule of law!

  • Gary Karstens



    • Jonus Grumby

      Amazing how much carnage can come from an inanimate object.

    • The Truth



      Funny that is what I was thinking... we need more guns

    • BS

      Yea it would have been much better an axe and gasoline!

      We should pass ten thousand more gun laws like California to stop these murders! See how well it works for them!

    • Jim

      California has the strictest gun control in the country. That's not my opinion, it's the Brady Center's opinion. And yet someone who wants to kill someone managed to shoot three people (and stab three people, and run over several others with his BMW).

      Is the solution for the whole country to have stricter gun control than California already has? Obviously, California-style gun control doesn't work.

      Seriously, I suggest we go back to 1920 American style gun control (i. e. none). You could buy pistols at the hardware store and machine guns by mail order. Uncle Sam was none the wiser, and there weren't that many people getting shot.

    • DWL

      The "GUNS, GUNS AND MORE GUNS" did it by themselves? More like the trash, scum, drug dealers, etc. How about the lawlessness. The gun did nothing wrong. It's sorta like your brain - without your body, if doesn't do squat except soak up liberal BS.

  • DWL

    I thought they had a great community meeting, sang "kumbaya" and "we are the world", had the local civic leaders shout "we've solved the problem" and sent a tweet #we are stupid inner-city liberals".

    That didn't solve the problem? Wonder what could be causing the problems then?