MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The expectations surrounding West Virginia’s baseball program weren’t supposed to accelerate this quickly, to a point where the NCAA selection show actually held drama. Even if the drama turned out to be the disappointing kind.

Yet there was coach Randy Mazey on Monday coping with enough dejection to fill a dugout. Memorial Day—the unofficial start of summer, the official end of his team’s season.

He had wanted fortifying news from the NCAA Division I baseball gatekeepers. What he received instead was a text from a committee member informing that the Mountaineers were the first team out.

“Although I appreciated him telling me that, it will probably be something I carry with me until we take the field again next February,” Mazey said.

“In the field of 64, the Mountaineers finished 65th.”

This wasn’t a certifiable snub that befell his team. It resided among a cluster of eight or nine teams who warranted level consideration for the final few regional bids. Yes, West Virginia’s 38 RPI was the best of any omitted team, but to lean heavily on such a flawed formula is to reduce the postseason to the domain of spreadsheets.

The math suggested WVU was pretty good. The 10 panelists decided Mazey’s team wasn’t quite good enough.

“I try and teach my guys sometimes life isn’t fair and you’ve got to deal with things you perceive as unfair,” said the coach. “If I don’t handle this the right way, how in the world am I going to expect them to?

“I’m just going to use it as fuel and motivation for next season.”

Next season will be Mazey’s third in Morgantown, and West Virginia’s third in the talent-rich Big 12. Under his brief watch, the Mountaineers have finished third and sixth in the conference. Mind you, this is a program that in the 13 years pre-Mazey averaged only a seventh-place finish in the less-imposing Big East.

That stands as proof of improvement, even though West Virginia’s 18-year NCAA dry spell continues. Voices from the past concur.

“I can’t believe it’s been 18 years,” said Jeremy Cummings, a 10-year minor-leaguer who pitched on the last NCAA team in 1996. “But the way Coach Mazey is running that program, he’s righting the ship.

“I think he’s an awesome person who motivates kids and teaches them about baseball and manhood. Every time I’ve been around him I learned something.”

Next season also brings the debut of a new ballpark—one that actually boasts the triple-crown of locker rooms, a clubhouse and indoor plumbing. (Players won’t soon be nostalgic for those port-o-lets behind the dugouts at Hawley Field.)

“The pinnacle of this program will come after we’ve had three or four recruiting classes that can actually walk through that new stadium,” Mazey said.

With back-to-back winning seasons, WVU baseball has rapidly climbed toward respectable environs, no longer content to live among the dozens of middling northern programs. There’s a satisfying undertone to the turnaround produced by Mazey and his players, no matter how much Monday’s near-miss gnawed at them.

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  • ken huth

    man im pumped,got my hat and WV shirt supporting team strong on the west coast,people like WV always good vibes wearing gear around town,cant wait flying to Texas for 3 game series in march against Texas,sons coming home for c-mas and then that's it WV baseball,mountaineers get ready for the flying c.f.loves to make the big plays.....east coaster will love watching the cannon gun runners out 1 after another,whats cool is all the games are on computer,go team

  • ken huth

    next season my sons coming east to challege life on the east coast..dont know much about the program met one of the coaches on there trip to the west coast pointed him in my sons directions and sat back and let 20 plus years of father son teamwork thru god open eyes.he prove himself in b.p.,they stayed for game saw enought he went 2for 2 2 dbl 3rbi throw out 1 guy at the plate and another game trying runner at 3nd.its not going to be easy my sons taking 3 classes in summer school just got his grades 3.4 gpa man things our happing soon fast in kc life towards his goals of playing in the bigs.had a few nice schools on west coast nevada reno csun chico-st plently more,the draft is this week been to 2 pre draft work outs cards and reds ran 6'85 with reds.many decision coming his way,god will lead and path his way.hopefully we our part of a college world series ring with coach randy and bright future head college coaches to be staff.thats all forks go wv

  • Aaron

    4 Big 12 teams make it to the super regional's.

  • Dale22

    We were ok this season, but not good. I think it will come to pass that the Big 12 was not as good as folks think they were. The cream always rises to the top in the tournament and Omaha. I will be very surprised to see a Big 12 team make it to Omaha.

  • Rick55

    I guess it's just semantics, but I'm confused about how we can be 65th team and be the first team out. Would we be the last team out?
    Anyway, Allan mentioned that we are a northern team. If we can do this much better under a 2nd year manager in the baseball-rich Big12 on a sub-par field as a non-southern or western team, I would say the future of WVU baseball is very bright indeed.
    As for the 2014 team I thought we were an exciting , competitive team and if a few more breaks had gone our way and we had a competitive bullpen, we would have made regionals.

  • EL Supremo

    The famous quote of Al Davis, former owner of the Oakland Raiders, comes to mind--"Just Win Baby."

    Had the team just won, instead of dropping seven in a row, they would have qualified. They must remember that next year.

  • Mister Man

    Aight den.

  • Kevin SMith

    How do you write this story and never mention what the team's record is, overall or in conference?

  • william

    Mid season - 7 game losing streak
    Won only one game out of last ten games
    Finish big 12 record at 9-14
    Baseball was a BIG FAILURE
    But some fans will continue to drink the KOOL-AID
    Isn't it great to be in a conf. that doesn't make any sense.

    • hailey

      Sad?...Who's sad William besides your parents for that little mistake they made years ago that we now must all pay for. Time to grow up li'l man

    • John

      That's a big time analysis on your part. If you don't like WVU sports, which you obviously don't considering your posts, quit reading and/or caring. Believe it or not, the athletic department will not shut down or change because of you and your constant bashing.

  • cutty77

    WVU can't finish the way WVU did. I said several weeks ago,when people started talking about The NCAA,it was the kiss of death. Randy should know better to. It ain't over till its over. I hope Randy will remember it too. I'm sure he will learn from This.

    • John

      Why was it wrong to say anything? RPI; SOS; etc. is all public knowledge and anyone, including Coach Mazey or his players, could look them up and see what is happening. Talking about it publicly had absolutely nothing to do with how they finished. Line drives were going right at fielders and borderline pitches did not go our way. That's baseball. Unfortunately, the season is too short in college to overcome a 1-9 finish and have a 7 game losing streak in the middle. They played well but it wasn't meant to be. Next year hopefully will be different.

  • Mountaineer Fanatic

    I am looking forward to 2015 in all sports. We will be in our third year with the Big 12 and we will be a lot better all the way around.
    First with football. I am really looking forward to meeting William Crest. I believe he will be the starter and he will shock a lot of people. I know we can beat Alabama and I am looking forward to the Mountaineers playing them to the very best of their ability. LETS GOOOO MOUNTAINEERS!!!!!! Please play all four quarters

  • WVcoal

    Mountaineers are competitive, resilient, and tough-minded. Being 65 of 64 teams selected for the NCAA tournament will only strengthen their resolve to win championships. Mountaineers will dust themselves off and come back next year with fierce intensity and desire to win.
    Let's Go Mountaineers!

  • AJ

    Really great to see Randy Mazey handle the snub with honor and class. Very professional. He knows his team let this one slip away. Even though we potentially lose a good core I have a feeling the new ballpark will make for a magical 2015.

  • Randy

    There are so many people who have nothing good to say about WVU sports in any capacity. If you people are so miserable with the program, go support another team. Yes its your right to voice your opinion, but its getting old.

  • WVU Guy

    A few years ago, few people cared anything about WVU baseball. Many didn't even know that we had a team. Now we get upset if we don't make the NCAA playoff. Our baseball program is definitely on the rise. And I think we can attribute that to being a member of the Big XII Conference. Good competition not only sparks good play, but it also stimulates fan interest.