STAR CITY, W.Va. — A Morgantown woman was charged with a deadly hit-and-run earlier this month in Monongalia County.

Star City police chief Vic Propst said Heather McIntyre, 42, was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon. She was charged with hit-and-run causing death under Erin’s Law.

Investigators allege McIntyre struck James Maloney, 32, of Granville, around 1 a.m. on May 17 as Maloney was walking along Monongahela Boulevard.

Officers said Maloney was struck by a red SUV that continued north. Star City investigators seized the vehicle a few days later.

McIntyre was arraigned and released after posting $50,000 bond.

Erin’s Law is named for Erin Keener.  The Fairmont woman was killed in a 2005 hit-and-run accident.  The law, passed five years after her death, increased the penalty for anyone convicted of leaving the scene of a fatal accident.

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  • EP_Haters

    A good attorney will get her deal. A guilty/no contest plea to hit and run in exchange for no jail time. Maybe require her to enroll in some sort of drivers safety course....something that makes it look as if she's taking responsibility for the accident. But being that he was probably walking in a roadway at 1 am on a poorly lit roadway with non-reflective clothing on, I can't see an even avg attorney allowing this to get to or trial or possibly losing the case.

    All she did wrong was failing to stop. Somehow a majority of the fault needs to lie with the victim. Sad but true....

    • Appalled

      Unfortunately any time a car hits a pedestrian and the pedestrian dies the driver is responsible.. all details are not known yet. Pedestrians alway have right of way..The other issues are..what is the drivers history? Were they out partying and drinking that night? Do they have a history of drinking and driving? If the victim just left work and was walking home I seriously doubt the victim was drunk or in any way to blame..Only full disclosure of the facts will be able to decide guilt...Either way if u thought u hit a deer at 1am near Kroger and then its on the news ,and in local papers, and on the radio a man was killed by hit N run near Kroger by a red SUV and u own a red SUV don't you think you should've called someone. Oh wait she didnt have newspaper or cable tv or any radio's!! PUHLEASEEEEE

  • Mr.P

    I hate to insinuate but she was probably drunk at the time of the accident and knew she hit someone,but was afraid to stop to investigate.

    • EP_Haters

      That's probably true. I bet the victim was as well. Walking the streets of Morgantown at 1 am? Most people don't do that sober

      • BigHead

        He was walking home from work.

  • EP_Haters

    Well....not to play devil's advocate, but was the victim walking on a sidewalk? Could he have stumbled or tripped out into the roadway? If he wasn't using a designated pedestrian pathway, is it really her fault?

    • EP_Haters

      The accident happened at 1:00 am. How dark was it, was there adequate street lighting? Why wasn't the victim walking against traffic, like we're taught as kids? Let's wait and see toxicology reports from the medical examiner

      • BigHead

        You're supposed to travel in the direction of traffic. Morgantown doesn't offer sidewalks through the majority of the town. Even if he was standing in the middle of the road she should have stopped.

  • Ron - from Morgantown

    Allow me to offer the defense for McIntyre - its used every time . "I thought I hit a deer " . I don't know what happened or whether she was driving impaired but its inexcusable not to render aid and call 911 when a tragedy like this occurs . Enough evidence was left at the scene (car parts ) to make an arrest .

  • Eye for an eye

    This driver deserves the maximum sentence. We will all be watching this one. No slap on the wrist, no abbreviated sentience and no probation. Hard time for this coward. I'm sure she was drunk or under the influence of drugs or she would have stayed on the scene or at least turned herself in the next day. No excuses for this one. Absolutely none.

  • DWL

    Was the suspect drunk or under the influence of drugs when the H&R occurred?

  • Phantom

    It is ERIN's LAW named after Erin Keener - WVU nursing student killed in a hit-and-run in Fairmont.

    • Hoppy Kercheval

      Change made. Thanks for catching it.

    • wvrocks

      The eagle-eyed editorial staff missed another one. Fortunately, other media outlets in WV got it right.