PHILIPPI, W.Va. — A recount is scheduled Friday in a House of Delegates race that is separated by just one vote.

Philippi City Clerk Tammy Stemple led businessman Ken Auvil by just one vote after the May 13 Democrat primary in the race for nomination for the 47th District seat. Following the vote canvass in both Barbour and Tucker counties, Stemple’s lead remained at one. Auvil requested a recount.

It’s scheduled for 9 a.m. Friday. It’s expected Auvil will request six or seven precincts to be recounted. He can stop the recount after he takes the lead but then Stemple would likely request to continue it.

The 47th District seat is currently held by Del. Mary Poling, D-Barbour, who decided not to seek reelection. The district is made up of 16 precincts in Barbour County and five precincts in Tucker County. Both counties will take part in the recount.

Danny Wagner won the Republican nomination for the seat advancing to the Nov. General Election.

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  • Tom

    The article states that Auvil can stop the recount "after he takes the lead." What does Jeff Jenkins know that we don't know?

  • DWL

    Ms. Stemple (d) better hurry and break that piggy bank, pack a few brief cases with green stuff, and head out to the court house before the recount to assure she wins.

    (She should have perused the cemeteries for a few more voters it appears.)