PHILIPPI, W.Va. — The two candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for the state House of Delegates in the 47th District, covering parts of both Tucker County and Barbour County, could find out Friday which one will advance to the Nov. 4 general election.

As of Thursday, Tammy Stemple, the city clerk in Philippi, lead Ken Auvil, a Belington businessman and former delegate, by just one vote.

That was the difference back on May 13 between the two candidates when the results came in on the night of the primary election and that difference stayed the same following vote canvasses in the two counties.

“Right now, you’ve just got to accept that it’s basically the flip of the coin,” said Auvil.

He requested the recount that will start at 9 a.m. Friday in Barbour County.  In Tucker County, the recount will focus on the school levy, which failed by one vote, starting at 8 a.m. Friday morning. In the afternoon, it will turn to the Democratic primary race in the 47th District.

“Barbour County votes by machine and there’s likely little movement in Barbour County on the totals. There are a few provisional votes that are involved there,” Auvil said. “Tucker County votes by paper ballot, so there’s room for movement there.”

Since the primary election, Auvil said he’s heard from several people who said they would have supported him, but did not make it to the polls. “A lot of people don’t believe their vote counts, but this one (the race) proves that it does,” he said on Thursday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

Del. Mary Poling (D-Barbour, 47) currently represents the district that is made up of 16 precincts in Barbour County and five precincts in Tucker County. She is not seeking reelection this year.

The Democratic nominee will face Danny Wagner, the Republican nominee, in November.

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  • DWL

    Auvil should have scrutinized the tombstones in the cemeteries more closely. Maybe then he could have carted a larger suitcase of cash into the canvassing board’s office than his opponent did. Always remember, WV's democrats, (d)'s, liberals, leftist's taught Chicagoans the ways of voting fraud.

  • Jephre

    I'm sure they'll recount that levy vote as many times as it takes until it passes.

    • John

      10-4 on that comment, Jephre