CHERRY GROVE, W. Va. — The West Virginia State Police located a man on Thursday who went missing after suffering severe injuries.

Shawn Arbaugh had left his vehicle unattended along Snowy Mountain Road near Cherry Grove Wednesday night and had not been seen for several hours. After an initial search, officers and the local Tactical Response Team Lead agreed to resume searching for Arbaugh at daybreak.

Thursday morning, Pendleton County’s Tactical Response, Search and Rescue Team convened and established a command post near Arbaugh’s vehicle.

He was immediately tended to by EMS personnel, then transported to Davis Memorial Hospital in Elkins for treatment.

The investigation on the incident is ongoing, no further information is available at this time.

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  • Silas Lynch

    Pendleton County has a "Tactical Response Team"?? ---- In the world I came from that meant only one thing, paramilitary style police force.

    Why does Pendleton County have one of these and who is funding them, the Fed?

  • northforkfisher

    I understand he fell from something(not sure what) and suffered some broken bones. I heard his dad is the one who found him.
    He was at his little girls kindergarten graduation and left to get the camera from home and did not return.

  • Diane

    How was he found? How did he suffer his injuries? Establish a command post, then voila he is being treated and transported. What terrible writing.

    • Adam

      It's interesting to see the author is stated as simply, "Staff". I understand some of these may be written by interns or students, but they need better editing, as a couple of times a week, there is a badly written story posted like this one.