CHARLESTON, W.Va — Frontier Communications announced Saturday the company and the Communication Workers of America have agreed to a sixth contract extension as negotiations continue.

The latest extension was to have expired Saturday night but the two sides agreed to extend it to June 28. Frontier East Region President Ken Arndt said Saturday the parties have made “substantial progress” in recent days.

The current contract originally expired last August.




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  • gv

    Let them strike, worst internet service and telephone I ever encountered.

    • Shawn H

      Agreed. Their customer service people are rude.

  • voter

    Another extension gives them time to relocate to a right to work state. Keep standing behind your union right out of a job.

  • DWL

    Let'em strike! Then make them unemployed. It's amazing how rude they became when Verizon abandon the state, especially the "customer service" people in Charleston.

  • Jonny D

    These extensions are nothing more than a joke. If this union really wanted to get everything that they wanted then they would have went on strike after the initial rounds of negotiations. The company was not prepared to handle that many people on strike. The company would have had no choice but to give them what they want. The only thing these extensions are doing is screwing over the other smaller unions within the state.

  • WV_pat

    Stand Strong CWA.
    Union Proud!