AURORA, W.Va. — A Preston County man and woman died early Saturday morning in a murder-suicide according to sheriff’s deputies.

Investigators said Paul Edward Sisler, 52, shot and killed his ex-wife, Reda Jane Sisler, 46, and then turned the gun on himself.

The shootings happened at a home on U.S. Route 50 near Aurora. The shootings were reported at around 4:30 Saturday morning.


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  • Paul P. Hollenstein LC

    Such a tragedy, such a shame. May God bless you now and forever Reda and give your family the strength that they need to carry on at this difficult time.

  • Merina Martin

    Thank you for your kind words Carolyn... we are still in shock and I don't think this pain will ever go away so prayers are very much appreciated. God bless.

  • Merina Martin

    Reda... I love you more than words could ever say... you were one of the most beautiful flowers in our family bouquet. Your memory will be cherished in our hearts forever!

  • Carolyn stout

    God bless and hold their children and families through all of this. Reda was as wonderful always smiling person as well as a hard worker. I am blessed to have known her at work. Her upbeat personality rubs off on all she knew. I'll miss seeing you reda. Cjb now cjs. It is so unreal.

  • Dink

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  • ProudlyConservative

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    • Iron Mike

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