FAYETTEVILLE, W.Va. — A woman leaped to her death from the iconic New River Gorge Bridge in Fayette County early Saturday morning.

Fayette County 911 received a call about a car parked along the bridge about 5:30 a.m. Saturday. Deputies arrived on the scene and saw the woman jump. Her name has not been released. She’s 36 and from Michigan.

Rangers from the National Park Service retrieved her body from the New River below.

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  • WV Gal

    So sad ...prayers for the family...Dink and DWL u r heartless and should be banned from making such comments.. No one knows the situation..so why such negative comments...maybe it's the only way u can gain recognition for yourselves..well guess what u got it..now shut up!

  • Cindy

    My payers for her loved ones, that you somehow find comfort in the days. No one has the authority to judge her actions. For her mind, heart and soul to be so troubled is beyond heartbreaking. I suffer with serious bouts of depression, I thank Almighty God, I've never felt that hopeless. Please try to overlook the IGNORANCE, CRUELTY & STUPIDITY of those who choose to be so mean.....it's a reflection of how they feel about themselves...
    Be assured there are MANY PRAYERS going up for you. God knew heart, and the desires of her heart!!!!!! NO ONE of sound mind would willingly choose suicide.... We serve an AWESOME GOD!!!!

    I will not reply to any negative comments, my only intent is to comfort her loved ones.

  • Rick

    I wonder if this was drug related?

    • ROM

      This was NOT drug-related!
      To DWL & Dink: please stop being so cruel!!! We, as her family & friends, are grieving in ways you cannot imagine. There is so much more to this & you should be ashamed. Please, let her family grieve in peace.

      • DL2

        ROM, I am so sorry for your loss, I know a family member that has shared a little more detail about her circumstances; my thoughts and prayers to her family and friends as I can only imagine the pain, devastation and loss they must be feeling. DWL & Dink are evil. Don't let them invade your thoughts; they are worthless! Until you lose someone you care about to suicide, you will never know how it feels. You should pray for their souls and their familes and they thought killing themselves was their only option.

  • Dink

    Hey DWL... Dim Witted Loser ...
    I'm sorry that was a family member , but it was probably your wife because she was so ashamed of you .

  • george

    This story was in the Register-Herald on Sunday. Again strange??

  • vickie

    Very sad prayers to the family she was young

  • Robin

    How horrible. And to DWL, not something to joke about. What if that was a member of your family?

    • DWL

      It wasn't a joke! If it was a family member of mine - C'est la vie!

      • Not you

        DWL - it was a family member of mine so your jokes are really in poor taste. You have no idea of the circumstances surrounding this.

        • so sad

          We were friends of her and her family. The circumstances were especially tragic. This is a great loss. :(

          • Ken Adams

            She lived close to us in MI. She was such a sweet woman. Always smiling. So very sad.

  • Wowbagger

    Suicides like this happen occasionally on the New River Gorge Bridge, but most are not publicized. I wonder why this one made statewide news while most don't make the Raleigh Register Herald or the Charleston newspapers.

    • george

      So sad, you are right it happens and no one hears about. What is so special about this?? Strange?

  • Gary Rogers

    DWL, you must be an idiot!

  • DWL

    The state advertises "bridge day" and they shall come - whether it's bridge day or not. Maybe they should ban bridge day?

    • Kevin

      I'll tell you what we need to ban, we need to ban uneducated idiots from posting on this site. That's what we need to ban.

    • john

      DWL very dumb statement

    • Grant

      Other than location, what does this have to do with bridge day?

    • Dave

      Dumb statement.

  • Bob

    How sad.