INSTITUTE, W.Va. — High school and college students got a crash course in texting and driving at West Virginia State University.

AT&T had their “It Can Wait” driving simulator on display at the Wilson Student Center Monday. Outward Bound and college students taking summer classes were encouraged to try out the simulator and see how they fared while texting and driving.

Mike Plante, with AT&T, said drivers usually have an eye-opening experience.

“It has the feel of actually being behind the wheel,” explained Plante. “You can get a lot of people behind the simulator so they can see what their friends and colleagues are doing. It gives them a real sense of what can happen if they text and drive or drive distracted.”

Outcomes on the simulator vary from being pulled over by the police, hitting a pedestrian, to crashing into another vehicle. They’re all things that happen in real life if you texting and drive. Plante said this is a very important lesson, especially for young motorists who don’t have a lot of experience in the driver’s seat.

“Kids always feel invincible. This shows them they’re not as invincible as they think without the disastrous consequences,” stressed Plante.

The simulator travels around the country. It was in West Virginia last year at the state capitol. Plante said whether you’re 16 or 61, trying out the simulator is a learning experience in what not to do.

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  • Roger

    So you are saying it would not be a good idea to .... .write this comment on my phone while driving?