INWOOD, W. Va. — West Virginia State Police are searching for two men in connection to a violent armed robbery.

The incident occurred Sunday at the Family Dollar store along 4996 Gerrardstown Road in Inwood.

Troopers say the store clerk, Wayne Sachs, arrived to work around 7:30 a.m. on Sunday. As he entered the store, Sachs was grabbed from behind and forcibly taken by two unknown men to the front of the store where the safe was located.

Sachs told troopers he was struck in the back of the head, with what he believed was a pistol. He was forced to open the safe where an undetermined amount of cash was taken. After the safe was opened, he was struck again in the head and blacked out and later awoke lying in an aisle surrounded by glass, with a power cord wrapped around his neck.

The first suspect is described as a white male, over 6’0″ tall with a thin build, green eyes, wearing a black long sleeved shirt, black pants tucked into black boots, black gloves, an eyebrow ring and a black ski mask covering his face, with the exception of holes for the eyes and mouth.

The second suspect is described as wearing a ski mask, a black long sleeved shirt, black pants with a hole in the knee, tucked into red hi top boots with black skulls on them.

Anyone with information on this crime is asked to call the West Virginia State Police Martinsburg barrack at 304-267-000 or 304-267-0002.

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  • Brian

    My prime suspect as the mastermind of this heist is Wayne Sachs. How do you get attacked from behind, put in a stressful situation fearing for your life, knocked/choked out, and come away with such detailed descriptions of your attackers? I don't think you do.

    • Ricky

      I doubt the description is from memory alone; probably a combination of memory and video footage (why else would the article not have the ethnicity of suspect 2?). Most stores have security cameras.

  • Mark

    They obviously knew the routine of the store. All store owners and managers in the area should be alerted. The local state and county police should be providing mass communication alerts. Many of these store employees are young and just trying to make a living, I hope they catch these butt holes and burn them at the stake. Time to take back our communities.

    • Adam


    • Jonus Grumby