HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Spring Valley rising senior offensive lineman Trevor “Shaq” Stacy added his name to what has become a growing list of West Virginia football players who are playing or will play for Charlotte at the Division I level.

Stacy, who committed to Charlotte last week, stands in at 6-foot-5, 290 pounds.

“He’s been on the radar as a college prospect and has started for us since he was a freshman,” Spring Valley head coach Brad Dingess said. “Trevor was getting a lot of attention, about every Ivy League school had offered him a spot. He’s a super intelligent kid.”

Charlotte just completed its first football season as an FCS Independent, going 5-6 last year. The 49ers will eventually make the jump to Conference USA for football in 2015.

“He had been getting attention from several MAC schools as well,” Dingess continued. “Purdue was showing some interest in him of late as well. He wants to be an engineer and Charlotte has a great engineering school. He went down there, felt comfortable with the staff and the facilities were great. When they pulled the trigger and made the offer to him, it was a no-brainer for him. He’s had Charlotte at the top of his list through the entire recruiting process.”

Stacy joins South Charleston running back/linebacker A.D. Cunningham in Charlotte’s 2015 recruiting class. Instate products Dustin Crouser (George Washington) and Eugene German (Martinsburg) were also a part of Charlotte’s 2013 recruiting class, along with C.J. Crawford (Huntington) and Payton Thomson (Greenbrier East) who were a part of Charlotte’s roster this past year as well.

Christopher C. Davis/Clark’s Artistic Photography

Spring Valley offensive lineman Trevor “Shaq” Stacy will play college football at the Division I level with Charlotte.

West Virginia connections also are prominent on Charlotte’s coaching staff, including former Spring Valley head coach Phil Ratliff (2000-2003) who is now the offensive line coach and recruiting coordinator with the 49ers.

“We had a prior relationship with Coach Ratliff, I was an assistant under him and we have a great relationship with him,” Dingess said. “There are some good D-I kids here in this state. You have to go around and find them, and Coach Ratliff has those connections and prior relationships with coaches here. Our kids are getting honest looks from Charlotte and they’re getting a shot.”

Stacy has been named first team all-state in both of the past two seasons with the Timberwolves.

“For a kid his size, he moves so well. He has great hips and explodes off the football,” Dingess said. “He’s able to drive and pancake kids like I’ve not seen in a long time. He has a lot of natural strength and big hands on him. I’m just anxious to see what he turns into once he gets to the college level.”

Stacy’s teammate, 6-foot-5, 300 pound offensive lineman Alex Locklear, could also be making a college decision in the coming weeks – he has offers from Marshall, James Madison and Holy Cross.

“He has camps coming up in the next couple of weeks with Duke, Virginia and Wake Forest,” Dingess said. “He’s getting close to being able to commit, he wants to see what these next camps hold for him.”

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  • Dogsfan

    Scoring valley looks to have one of the best lines in the state any predictions on there season.

  • The Doctor

    When Doc made his statement about recruiting D1 players from WV it was a up lie.
    He was trying to help the MU image throughout WV. (he loves Florida players.)!!!
    Has he offered a player from WV in the last 3 years?
    He needs to go coach at Florida.
    Maybe he will play a decent schedule then.

  • Greg

    Good luck young man. UNCC, as you'll learn to call it, has some fine new facilities and I think you'll be very happy here. It sure as heck beats playing in Huntington! :-)

    Just don't wander down North Tryon St. and you'll be OK. I doubt that part of town was on your tour. However, the worst part of your Charlotte experience as a West Virginian will be sitting in BOA Stadium (the Big ATM as you'll learn to call it) and uttering the words "let's go Panthers!". Almost 20 years and I'still can't get used to it.

  • Mister Man

    Yup. Charlotte is an emerging national power.

    • Aaron

      Aren't they destined for the same conference Marshall currenly competes in? If these players are good enough for a fellow conference team as well as teams like Ohio that routinely thump Marshall and Doc has publically stated that he's not going to pass on instate talent, why would he not consider these kids?

      As that is too much for you to comprehend, consider it a rhetorical question.

      • Aaron

        I guess I should explain what a rhetorical question is.

        is a figure of speech in the form of a question that is asked in order to make a point and which does not require an answer because it is either obvious, as is the case here or is ask to force the reader to consider the question. As you've demonstrated a limited ability to consider other answers, it is the first for you.

        Good day.

  • Aaron

    Didn't Metro News do a story in which Doc Holiday said he was going to get all the Division 1 Talent available in the state? And here he lets two go to Charlotte right out of his back yard.

    • Mister Man

      He let them go? Division one? Barely acknowledged as a D1 prospect. Give me a break. Charlotte?

      • Aaron

        I'm sorry sorry sir, if you cannot see how my comment rings true, I'm not sure there is a break for what ails you. After all, hasn't your momma explained to you that it is impossible to fix....