HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — State Troopers wrote more than two dozen tickets Monday as part of a new effort to enforce traffic laws in West Virginia work zones. “Operation Work Zone Safety: Danger Zone” took place on a stretch of Interstate 64 in Huntington.

State Police spokesman Lt. Michael Baylous said the Huntington enforcement was just the start. He said troopers will be showing up at other work zones across the state.

“We’re going to be watching for those who are exceeding the speed limit, distracted driving, anybody who is out here creating an unsafe environment not only for the workers in the zone but for the motorists for themselves and other motorists,” Baylous said.

A trooper dressed as a construction worker Monday and used a laser unit to clock the speed of motorists and then he radioed ahead to troopers who pulled over the drivers.

Baylous said it’s about safety not about creating a speed trap to generate revenue.

“This zone is clearly marked. So for anyone to say this is some type of speed trap revenue increasing operation–that has absolutely nothing to do with it,” Baylous said. “It’s clearly marked and we have troopers in the zone.”

Baylous added the State Police does not receive revenue from speeding tickets.

Last year State Police put troopers at the beginning at end of the work zone to catch motorists who speed up after they see the initial trooper. Officers said the older the work zone the more likely it is to have speeding motorists.

Troopers are working with state Department of Transportation on the work zone safety effort.

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  • Voter

    I was coming back from KY and I was the only car going construction posted speed limit. Also, there is supposed to be a no passing zone that folks seem to ignore.

  • northforkfisher

    I'm glad to see them helping the road workers, but dressing as a construction worker is police entrapment in the state. Anyone who was ticketed can fight this and get out of it. I'm not saying we don't need this but at least do it legally so the tickets stick and the lessons learned.

    • DWL

      Entrapment? Have you lost what little mind you had? What code section or court ruling are you basing you erred statement of falsehood on?

      • northforkfisher

        The one that state's we are a state and not a commonwealth like VA who can clock while hiding. To dress up as a construction workers and not post it is not right. Why do you think they have to post dui checkpoints in the paper, it so they won't be entraping anyone.

  • I'm honest at least

    I the same time something has to be done about signs left out when no work is being done. Half of these flaggers have no flagging certification. If they want to get serious about this then don't half a@% it......

  • Scott

    Now for the big question- how long has the construction in I-64 around Huntington been going on and how long is it going to take- been years already

  • shelly

    I travel I-79 for work and it's amazing how disrespectful drivers are of work zones and construction employees! Write more tickets!!!

  • zero tolerance

    The construction sire workers failure to take down the signs, cover the signs, turn off the flashers, etc....when they aren't there and/or when the construction site isn't active is the biggest problem.

    Drive enough times through an unattended and close construction site and people start resuming normal speed as this is a common occurrence with construction sites statewide.

    • DWL

      Do they remove the jersey barriers, cones, barrels, barricades at the end of the day, each day? An active construction site isn't 7-3 each day. As long as the area is "under construction" the zone exists. The hazards still remain. Maybe, compliance is the driver's responsibility.

  • Charlie

    I'm so glad they are doing this we have close calls every day from drivers in a hurry