BIRCH RIVER, W.Va. — A murder suspect is in custody in Nicholas County.

On Tuesday, deputies with the Nicholas County Sheriff’s Department arrested Kristopher James Love, 26, of Birch River, who is charged with the murder of James Lewis Frame, 39, also of Birch River.

According to investigators, the two were involved in a fight around 12 a.m. Tuesday on Powells Creek Road in Birch River.

When deputies arrived at the fight scene, Frame was found unresponsive on the ground. He was later pronounced dead at Summersville Regional Medical Center.

Two people were also charged Tuesday as accessories after the murder. They are Michelle Stull, 30, of Summersville, and Michael Shane Wood, 24, of Birch River.

All three were arraigned Tuesday and taken to the Central Regional Jail.

Investigators said additional arrests were possible.

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  • his friend

    This should already be solved by now! Its pathetic that the other people involved are not behind bars. I hope and pray that everyone involved gets life. They took his life now they all need to spend the rest of there lives behind bars. This was so sad and such a tragedy. RIP LIL JIMMY I will always love you

  • Brandy

    Why was there a 12 hour difference between when the fight happened, and when the police were called?
    Did this man lay outside that long and no one noticed? Maybe he could have been saved.

  • Terry

    The cops need to focus on finding the facts and arresting the people who were involved. Their seems like more people were involved than arrests that have been made. It has been 4 days and they still haven't made any more arrests. If it was one of their own (cop) they would have killed the murderer and arrested any body who was there.

  • scott

    maybe if they concentrated on criminals instead of tourists going 2mph over the speed limit

  • Concerned

    Welcome to Drug Land. This is what happens when The Nicholas County Sheriff's Department is too busy chasing "Tail" instead of following up on drug leads when people who see it every day, tell them Who, when, where, and how!

  • Richard

    Welcome to wild wonderful West Virginia.