Miranda Lambert's Istagram
Lambert (third from left) and friends donned fire suits at the North Central West Virginia Airport Tuesday evening. She posted the picture on Instagram.

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. — Country music artist Miranda Lambert took in the sights of West Virginia on Tuesday afternoon, specifically from the North Central West Virginia Airport, after an unexpected landing.

“The plane that they were on lost cabin pressure,” according to Scott Poling, a lineman at the airport. “We don’t know why. They landed here safely with no problems and hung out in our [fixed base operator] for about two hours. A Learjet was sent up here from Nashville to pick them back up.”

While waiting for the aircraft, Lambert took the time to relax and meet the people there.

“She’s super down-to-earth, doesn’t act like a celebrity, a country girl,” Poling said. “They put on our fire suits inside here to promote their new album ‘Platinum,’ which I have pictures of. She autographed a couple of CDs for me and my buddies here. It was pretty cool.”

Lambert and her team were there from roughly 4:30 p.m. to 6:15 p.m., when the Learjet picked them up.

Social media in the area was abuzz at 9 p.m. when Lambert posted a picture in the fire suits with an explanation of the situation to her Instagram account.

“Our plane had an emergency landing in Clarksburg WV. But don’t worry, we found platinum fire suits,” Lambert wrote with her Instagram photo.

Poling said, by his estimate, 30 people showed up to the airport after the fact to try and catch a glimpse of the star.

“I was just checking stuff on my Twitter account and I saw that people were asking about if Miranda was here,” he said. “She was long gone back to Nashville, safely back in Nashville.”

The subtle detour was ideal for both parties as crowds were comprised of the normal traffic passing through the FBO.

“She was really happy. She thanked us several times,” Poling said. “Her staff thanked us several times for what we did for them here and they sat back, had a good time, relaxed and waited until the jet arrived and said it was beautiful here in West Virginia.”

Lambert’s fifth studio album “Platinum” was released on Tuesday.

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  • Kary Garstens

    Dangerous plane. Probably a high capacity engine. Should be outlawed. When will the random cabin pressure failures end? Sheesh!! Mean old country singer!!! When they invade my home or attack my family I SHALL wet myself hoping it makes them go away. Or maybe I'll make a new friend. But I digress.

  • jeff

    did anyone get to see her box?

    • Randy

      I understand the appeal of your comment. But I just can't get the connection between the news story and your comment using innuendo. Or maybe that wasn't intended. Maybe just a crude reference. I got no problem with crude innuendo. But finishing school taught me the evils of crude reference. Course my finishing school dean wore Carharts and chewed Mailpouch.

  • BR

    I agree completely with Lee - though I'm a news/sporting news junkie, I get tried of the same kinda horse dung from all the usual sources (WVU, WV Legis., Luck/Huggs/Holgs, coal, gas, weather, Dems vs. Reps).

    Not a big fan of Lambert, but I can tell you I caught myself smiling a little while reading the article. I think I might just download that album of hers now.

    • Mitch

      @ BR,

      I'm more tired of the horse dung from all of the usual childish posters who do nothing but whine, complain or just make snide remarks.

  • David Kennedy

    Maybe she will do 'Bike Week in Morgantown later in the summer...think I'll look at the venue now for that summer event...

  • JTC

    Metronews has sadly become WV's version of Fox and Friends.

    • ViennaGuy

      So why do you and JTC stick around? Are you gluttons for punishment or something?

    • me

      Fell free to go back watching CNN ABC and NBC.Because Mathews and Rev Al love to have ya.

      • me


  • Lee

    Why not a feel good story once in awhile ... Doom and Gloom while needed gets old and depressing

  • Harpers Ferry

    Let me check my Give-A-S#%t Meter. Yep, just as I thought, don't care in the least. Glad WVMetronews felt this needed to be headline news.

    • Mark

      Yet, you cared enough to let us know you don't care?

      • ViennaGuy

        Cha-ching! LOL

  • Sammy

    This is news?

    • SCOTT

      yes it is...But thanks for checking..if you need any more help with your stupid questions...we are here for you.

    • Jason412

      Not just news. Top story.

  • Kaynette Williams

    Hide yo husbands!

    • dee

      Not necessary, why would she want your husbands when she has Blake Shelton?