COOPERS ROCK, W.Va. — A commercial truck driver from Iowa was parked alongside Interstate 68 in Preston County Wednesday waiting on a ride after being stopped by inspectors with the state Public Service Commission.

The driver’s journey halted during the PSC’s annual 72-hour inspection blitz that continues through Thursday. PSC spokeswoman Susan Small said the Iowa trucker had an outstanding violation in which he had failed to pay the fine.

“He was sitting on the side of the road waiting for someone to come pick him up,” Small said.

Inspectors are focusing on three specific areas during the blitz including brakes, driver fatigue and hazardous materials. Workers with the PSC’s Transportation Enforcement Division are doing the checks across the state. They will be at the Bluestone Rest Area northbound on the West Virginia Turnpike Thursday.

Small said driver fatigue can be a big issue. She said commercial truck drivers have to abide by regulations on how long they can drive before taking an eight-hour break.

“Our inspectors actually get up and look at the driver logs to see when their last rest break was, when they took off from there and wherever they are getting inspected to make sure everything is on the up and up,” she said.

The enforcement crew found 112 unsafe commercial vehicles in last year’s blitz. Small said it’s important to keep focusing on safety for important reasons.

“I’ve got an 18-year-old driving around in a car and I want to know the semi next to her has taken every precaution to make sure his truck is as safe as possible,” Small said.

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  • justme

    they need to deal with these gas well trucks running people off the roads and damaging the secondary roads they drive like the own the roads and no one is doing anything about it

  • really????

    Seriously, people??? This check is a nationwide thing that is mandated by the federal government.
    WV is just doing what they have to do.
    How about saying thank you to the men who leave their families and go on these checks for half a week. They get paid enough that some of them qualify for food stamps.

    These guys do inspections every day. Not just once a year.

    This is a special check that is in addition to their normal duties.

    Cut them some slack.

  • Hillbilly

    As a OTR driver they should look at the local coal buckets, and their weight limits!!

  • Retired Charlie

    Don't forget guys these inspectors are packing. Don't talk back about your log book or they will shoot you twenty times.

  • Trucker

    Susan is located in Charleston. Needs to go after the real crooks in WV. The politicians. She is in the right place. Instead of worrying about the poor old working man. She is leave them along side of the road. Sounds as if she gives good lip service. To keep her job.

  • Fred

    The safest trucking companies in the nation still put a minimum of 20% of their trucks on the highway with some kind of safety issue with the vehicle, the paperwork, or the driver. Also, keep in mind that in W.Va. nearly every loaded coal truck is overweight.

  • I'm honest at least

    If safety is the important issue then why is this a once a year blitz? Our state needs to do a better job period.

  • Old inspector

    Can they not do there job without shutting down hundreds of local businesses and costing us million. In tax dollars, they. Need to be put under the department of commerce . Now

  • GregG

    Yea, that really sounds SAFE, leave a truck and the driver sitting along the road until someone comes to pick him up. I guess if someone happens to drop off the road and hits this truck, that too would be the drivers fault. Was that your 18 year old daughter Mr. Small that was texting while driving and almost hit the side of my truck last week?