Photo/Morgantown Dominion Post
A total of 17 signs were found at a Morgantown apartment this week.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The City of Morgantown now knows where more than a dozen stolen street signs were located.

The signs were found in an apartment on Willey Street Tuesday during an inspection by the Morgantown Fire Marshal’s Office. Andrew Poe, 21, of Morgantown was cited for possession of stolen property.

In his apartment, police found a total of 17 road signs including street and stop signs. The street signs are valued at about $100 each, the stop signs about $50.

Public Works Engineer Terry Hough said several of the signs are still in good condition, like those for Garrison Ave, Green Street and Wilson Ave. The city plans to reuse them.

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  • Bob

    Hope they continue to make the fixed signposts. I like those a lot better than these

  • DWL

    Make this pos thief put them back up, plus 1 years of community service to which he must maintain all the street signs in Morgantown while wearing a OSHA approved work shirt bearing "I AM A THIEF - THIS IS MY PUNISHMENT".

    • northforkfisher

      I agree and have him pay for the missing hardware to put the signs up. He should also have to pay for any workers time involved in traffic control.