MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Former WVU football player Korey Harris pleaded guilty in Monongalia County Circuit Court Friday to grand larceny as part of a plea bargain agreement.  Harris was originally charged with armed robbery.

He was among three suspects who alleged held up two men at a Morgantown house last year.  A relative of one of the victims identified Harris at the time because he was wearing his WVU-issued sweatpants with the No. 96 on them.

Harris is a former three-star defensive end recruit from Florida.  He played in 11 games as a freshman, making four tackles.  Harris was suspended from the team before his sophomore season.

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  • Mr.P

    I'd take Rich Rod back in a heart beat,he's a coach and not a clown like we got coaching the football team now. It would be no worse than electing Arch Moore twice after what he did the first time he was elected.

  • Mr.P


  • StarInWV

    Cut him a break, he was probably trying to make up for the increase in out of state tuition.

  • Mr.P

    Just another WVU thug that didn't get a degree and is to lazy to find a job and earn an honest living, there's all kinds in Morganhole just like him who are mostly dealing drugs to make their money.

    • wvu2


    • JMR

      Mr.P, you are an example example of the filthy, stomach churning kind of people who give West Virginia such a bad reputation.

      • Mr.P


      • Mr.P

        I'm just stating the truth,and sometimes the truth hurts

      • JWP

        So Mr P would rather not have Florida trash wasting funds at WVU and victimizing the local citizenry and HE churns stomachs??? Well count me in his order. You are feeble minded left wing apologist.

        • Mr.P

          All WVU gets from Fla are leftovers,if they were outstanding players they'd never get out of Fla.

        • Andy

          Right, because there aren't hundreds of other Florida or other out state students doing the right thing at WVU. Way to categorize everyone by the actions of one person. #peabrain I retain a small measure of hope knowing that your cranial cavity is mostly empty; perhaps there is still a chance for you to grow up.

          • JWP

            ^^^^^^^^^^ Just more drivel from the left wing loonies...

    • J the C

      drop dead

    • Grant

      Congratulations! This could win the award for most ignorant post of the year!

  • Hillbilly

    If Hussaine Oboma only had a son !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tom

      The Hillbilly confirms that there are still too many West Virginians spite if their denial...are bigots.

    • scott

      ya spelled it wrong ...but i,m not surprized

      • Andy

        Ohhhh the irony...

    • J the C

      eat it!

  • TB

    He was wearing his identifying Mountaineer clothing during a robbery! Brilliant!

  • Aaron

    Perhaps this young man should write countless inane letters to E. Gordon Gee complaining about the athletic director because he feels slighted even though the athletic director did what was best for West Virginia University.

    • Joe

      If you honestly believe the actions of Mr. Luck are what's best for our University, you have no clue of all that has taken place. May I remind you of the following:
      1. The Bill Stewart firing debacle
      2. The Media Rights debacle
      - called unethical and possibly illegal by our states Attorney General
      - can't hear the games on radio in many areas across the state
      3. Our current head football coach
      4. The current condition of our football program
      5. The firing of Mike Parsons debacle
      6. The current condition of our basketball program
      7. Our head basketball coach is the highest paid public employee in a WV @ $3milion per year and look at our basketball program

      I could go on and on. The Luck era will go down as the worst in WVU history and the longer he stays, the longer it will take us to get back to the point where we are respected nationally.

      • Barry Rubenstein

        Mickey? Is that you?

      • Mr.P

        I totally agree with what you have stated now try to tell these other BLOCKHEADS on here that

      • Aaron

        Bill Stewart should have never been hired and given his attempt to discredit the next head coach behind his bosses back, he deserved much worse than he got.

        I agree the media rights was a debacle. It should have been voted on by the BOG instead of a committee with individuals who have a vested interest with companies bidding. While you may question the ethics of the process, as WVU was not purchasing anything, the legality part is not in question. In the end, the correct decision was made as it is the most profitable for WVU.

        As to hearing WVU athletics, if in not mistaken, wasn't WVRC offered the opportunity to continue carrying WVU athletics and declined?

        I'm not sold on Dana Holgorsen and his ability to coach but he has upped the recruiting over Stewart, who left little talent in the program. I do believe that unless improvement is made, Luck will make a change. I for one would like to see Jeff Casteel be given consideration for the position.

        The basketball program is a subject in itself but has little to do with Luck as he is not responsible for hiring Huggins and thus far, has no reason to fire him.

        I know little about the Parsons situation but I do know Luck is the boss and if Parsons couldn't support him unconditionally, at least publicly, and work with him then he had to go. It's that simple.

        You will have to go on and on because thus far, you have no reason for a change in the AD department.

  • Fentanyl Bomb

    Of course the comments are open.

    A plea deal from a disgraced Mountaineer whose crime occurred almost a year ago.

    This is WVU news? How?

    • J the C